Tuesday, 06 October 2020

Nehera Rite of Nature - SS21

Written by Totem Fashion
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Nehera is an independent Slovak brand, the essence of which is functional comfort. Relying on creativity and innovation to create exceptional fashion. 

In a fashion world obsessed with More, Nehera uncovers the beauty in Less. With a twist. Nehera strives to remains elegant, regardless of the evanescent trends.

The SS2021 collection entitled Rite of Nature, is an ode to the subtleties and intricacies of the dressing rituals for the reconnection with nature after the winter has passed. Nehera celebrates the freedom of moving from the oppressive indoors to the liberating outdoors.

The Nehera woman wants to experiment with her favourite pieces of wardrobe that were not touched for months, to enjoy the tactile pleasure of high-quality fabrics, to step barefooted on the grass, to breathe in, to breathe out.

The Nehera woman doesn’t just throw a textile on herself, but delicately unlocks the magic functions of her attire. For the Nehera woman, the ritual is not anymore enacted for an audience, but herself. That is why the collection welcomes a broad expression of attitudes, from simple and civil to experimental, expressive styling to creative layering.

Whereas the pre-collections dominant inspiration comes from the folk underwear skirt and the way it was traditionally stored: twisted and belted and stored in the drawer. The SS2021 collection turns its attention to the upper and outer layers of clothing and dressing rituals. The collection employs more decorative motifs while reiterating the “Less is beautiful” as the central signature of the brand.

The timelessness of the designs is reflected in the quality of materials. Along with local craftsmen, every fibre is carefully reviewed to match the most rigorous sustainability benchmark. Nehera’s culture champions spontaneity, vitality, and sustainability, while the creations feel grounded and unassuming, removing the unnecessary, and the superfluous to reveal graceful designs that are honest, unique, and quietly compelling.