Thursday, 08 October 2020

Agne Kuzmickaite SS21 Collection

Written by Dyelog PR
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Agne Kuzmickaite

In her spring – summer collection, Agne seeks to bring out the colourful and magical TV manifestation of fashion as she remembers it from her childhood.

Growing up in 90’s in Lithuania, Agne notes how different her life was from other parts of the world. “There was no actual fashion in Lithuania, no fashion shops, no fashion magazines or advertisements like the ones in big foreign cities.”

For the young Agne Kuzmickaite, watching fashion move and change around the world from her TV, and getting hold of glossy foreign magazines, to gaze at the bright pictures was something of great interest to her. Most of all, she enjoyed the commercial breaks in shows, when she watched many adverts for a variety of products showing off a bright and colourful array of lives from a foreign country.

On the topic of her collection, the designer writes;

“When I think about what I liked about [TV adverts] - it seems to me that at first it was different colours, I liked how many of them were around and they were all very bright, which made it look even more real - and the whole life in commercials at that time looked much more beautiful, brighter and more interesting. The brightly coloured advertising notes were not annoying - on the contrary, they looked like magical coloured spells from a fairy-tale country. It is a landscape of my childhood dreams to which I want to return in creation.”


Agne Kuzmickaite