Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Sharon Wauchob’s Dream Of ‘What If..”

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Sharon Wauchob

The latest collection from designer Sharon Wauchob was undertaken in the middle of the global pandemic we are all facing right now, and during the spring lock down that we faced in the UK.

During this time, she had to face a reduced work force and issues with supplies, so her focus was honed in on looking at the use of resources she had at hand, and sustainability of the designs. She began each design idea by looking back to her favourites in the past, and moving forward from there to create new designs with a nod to her past work.

The designer created this collection of womenswear with longevity in mind. Less focused on shifting trends, and more on investment into pieces of clothing that will last. Her aim was to include small and intricate details into her work.

The aim of all of the designs were ‘reassurance’ and ‘comfort’ for the wearer, and less of shock or surprise, in order to counteract the world state we find ourselves in at the moment. Sharon Wauchob wanted her designs to make the wearer feel good about themselves. A second skin, quintessentially natural and not showing off or making outrageous statements.

The designer believes that our dreams are important, and we can use them to navigate where we go in our lives. Listening to our dreams, acting on our dreams and finding out the ‘what if’s’ can have a great impact on our lives. Sharon want’s her clothing designs to inspire women to feel comfortable, luxurious, reassured and inspired to reach out and grasp their dreams,  whatever they may be.