Thursday, 05 November 2020

Men, Don’t Be Afraid of Accessorising

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Who said scarves, jewellery, and bags aren’t manly?

Well, whoever they are, they’re dead wrong. Whether it’s a casual, everyday look, or a black-tie event, you can always find something to really freshen up your style. A plain old shirt and jeans can get really boring after a while, can’t it? You can turn one style into many, many more with just a few different accessories. Here are some tips on the best ways to change things up and elevate your own personal style.

Keep it Simple

Wearing some extra bling doesn’t mean you need to overdo it. Just a hat and a watch can go a long way if you know what to look for. Find a few key pieces you want in your wardrobe and mix them up depending on your look. Just these couple of accessories can change an outfit completely. The same jacket and slacks combination can look very formal with the right belt and cufflinks, or casual and summery with some sunglasses or a hat. Start paying attention to what works on other people and see if you can implement it in your own wardrobe. Start small!

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Bold

Everyone can be a little afraid of standing out for the wrong reasons. Men in particular can be afraid of seeming somehow wrong for wearing anything to accent their fashion, but you can’t be afraid of making yourself stand out for all the right reasons. A striking watch or even a scarf can become a statement piece, a talking point, or even a point of reference for other people. Have you ever seen somebody wearing something bold you thought you couldn’t pull off? Why not take a chance on yourself and try it? If you really liked the look, you can give it a go and be that trendsetter for somebody else who will think you look great.

Look For The Jewellery That Fits You

Jewelry can be daunting, but if worn right, it can boost your look and make you more confident. A bracelet does the same job as a watch without feeling bulky, and rings are a strong and fun look for either a professional or casual setting. A necklace can also make a casual outfit more powerful by accenting the top, which usually has very little going on. This jewellery provider has a range of men’s jewelry so you can find the one that’s just the right fit for you, for any occasion. A silver dog tag necklace or a men’s cuff bracelet could be the right accessory to draw the eye to your outfit and express your personal style.

Not sure how to find your own style? This can be difficult if you don’t know where to start, but the most surefire way is to look through recent trends and see what catches your eye. Check out blogs or fashion sites, even budget Instagram lookbooks, and keep note of what you’d like to see yourself wearing, whether it’s complete looks, certain materials, or just bits and pieces. If they’ve linked to places you can buy those things, great! If not, you might have to do some searching yourself!

Remember There Isn’t A “wrong” Style...

Things come and go in fashion for sure. Scrunchies, puka shell necklaces, and leg warmers have all had their day. But as long as you keep things simple, clean, and personally meaningful to you, they’re timeless (or at least they’ll serve you for a couple of decades). What really holds people back in wearing what they want is the fear they’ll be judged for showing their personality through their outfit, but if anything, that should be praised. If you find a belt or an earring that you think represents you, own it! If you love it, it’s meant for you to wear it. The ‘trendy’ pieces can make you blend into the crowd, but confidence is what really sells an outfit. Don’t pay too much attention to what’s ‘right’ or what’s ‘wrong’. You do you!

...But Read The Room

There may not be such a thing as ‘wrong’, but as with any social situation, there is ‘inappropriate’. Flashy rings may not be so suitable for work, and maybe it’s best to leave your psychedelic tie at home for that wedding (dress code depending, of course). You can still be that guy who plays fast and loose with the classic ‘dos and don’ts’ of fashion, but make sure to tone it down when it’s required.

All in all, you need to be proud of your taste, even if you’re just starting now. The good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune refurbishing your entire wardrobe: a few smart and well-chosen accessories can make all the difference, both for your looks and your confidence in what you’re wearing.