Friday, 06 November 2020

Mens Fashion Trends For 2020 And Beyond

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As the weather turns and this rollercoaster of a year comes to a close, we’re choosing to look back on the good and onwards to the future.
While the pandemic put a pause on most fashion weeks and saw them make their digital debuts (that were just as grand), style didn’t stop — and we made sure we had front row seats to our screens to give you this roundup. Here are the head-turning trends in men’s fashion that saw us through this year and will carry us into the next. Lets take a look at men's accessories first:

Crossbody Bags

You’ve seen them on the runway, on Instagram, and they certainly stole the spotlight on TikTok. The hottest accessory for both men and women this year had to be the crossbody bag. A seamless union of utility and style, crossbody bags are having a moment and our pick of the year would be the Jacquemus Chiquito for men.


The modern man is always looking to make a striking statement and in 2020 a stack of rings fit the bill and how! Call it the work of young’uns like Harry Styles, rings are rising to the top of men’s accessory picks and we’re not complaining. Choose to go big with bejewelled bling or stick to the classic and cool signet. You could even stray from tried tradition and give the wedding band an update to make it truly your own.

Two Strap Sliders

Sandals have always been a controversial trend: Are they lazy and dated or do they only suit the uber-cool? 2020’s trends chose the latter. Making sandals great again, two-strap slides or ‘mandals’ were everywhere this year (Isabel Mirant, Lemaire, Hermès), and are definitely making the cut into 2021. Sleek, minimal, and cool, these heavy-soled hits are also high on comfort—what’s not to love?

Here is what we know about men's clothing trends in the coming months:

Tailored Fits

Yes, 2020 has been the year of sweatpants, oversized t-shirts and pyjamas. But people are stepping out, and by Spring 2021 they’re going to be sporting more suits, as the likes of Hermès, Prada, and Rick Owens have predicted. What to expect? Not your usual form-fitting silhouettes. The season is shifting to bright pastel jackets and kicks with your trousers. If you’re stocking up for Spring, keep your eye out for softly structured shirts, breezy blazers and flared trousers- all with a generous side of comfort chic.


Every time you think prints have lived their last, they’re back to surprise the runway. From geometric luxe to opulent drama, print on print madness to patchwork—prints aren’t going anywhere come 2021, and fashion’s chicest men are likely to be sporting them all through next year.


2019-2020 was the season of the colour block, but men’s fashion is making its entry into 2021 with a bang: head to toe monochrome. The runway shows for Spring 2021 saw silhouettes of colour strut into next year from brands like Balmain and Louis Vuitton. Bright, optimistic and bold —exactly what your wardrobe needs after the year we’ve all had.


Leather is a menswear staple but 2021 is its time to shine. Yes, your biker jacket can stay but you’ll soon see everyone showing off Matrix-like coats, leather trenches, leather boots, and leather trousers (maybe even all together?).

Gender-Neutral Clothing

Now more than ever, fashion’s binaries are blurring and gender-neutral clothing will only see a rise here on out. Skin-tight tanks, soft feminine colours, signature jewellery (yes, we’re looking at Harry’s pearls) are making themselves right at home on the racks for the upcoming menswear season.

Lets not forget how big of a trend male grooming is, and take a look at the trends here as well:

Beard Trimmers

Between March and now, we’ve all slipped up with the personal grooming. But in a way, the lockdown has done men good — beards everywhere are thriving (maybe too much even), and now that they’ve outgrown the awkward stubble stage in secret, they can emerge glorious as everyone steps out. However, to keep beards looking their best, maintenance is key. So, it’s no surprise that grooming tools like beard trimmers are increasing in popularity — here’s a round-up of the best ones out there, considering factors like needs, versatility, price, and more.

Guy Beauty

It’s no secret that the cosmetics and skincare industry is pretty saturated, but while women are paring back, guy beauty is on the up and up. In 2020, we all learnt a lesson in self-care and that’s going to reflect well into next year. Expect the entry of plenty of vitamin c, foundation sticks, post-workout masks for guys, and more.

In conclusion, life in the new normal is going to be different and fashion is no exception. As we start to step out, 2021 in menswear will be a runway of new styles and reinvented classics. Whether you’re going back to work or need a new WFH wardrobe, heading back to your favourite restaurants, or escaping with mini local holidays; it helps to do it all in style, and these trends will certainly do you favours!