Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Why Buying Vintage Is the Sustainable Solution

Written by Peaky Digital
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Peaky Digital

Vintage doesn’t necessarily have to be old and outdated items unworthy of a new home, they can in fact be a fashionable option when it comes to buying clothing.

Retro items can be seen to be increasing in popularity and the challenge to own original and classic clothing that no one else is wearing is in high demand. In addition to this, as consumers become progressively more aware of the impacts that fast fashion is having on the environment, people are looking towards more sustainable methods to shop. In this article, vintage brand World of Worn give us their insights into why buying vintage is a more sustainable solution.

Clothing That Lasts

In order to be classed as vintage clothing, items are considered to have been around for a number of years and at times over twenty years old or more. This then gives clothing its sought after retro title and sustainable label. Vintage clothing differs from fast fashion in the fact that it withstands the test of time by both remaining fashionable and not deteriorating after a short while or small amount of use. Vintage clothing has the potential to be reused and loved once again, by being passed through multiple owners it can still look just as good as it did (if not better) than when it was first produced.

A Sustainable Way To Shop

The fast fashion industry generates 100 billion garments each year and is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Collections are restocked every 4-6 weeks, which means consumers are pressured to buy more and think less, leaving some items of clothing that were once favourites slipping towards the back of our wardrobes and then eventually discarded at landfill – over 300,000 tonnes in the UK alone each year! Second hand platforms and specialist vintage clothing retailers provide such an important, yet fun way to shop sustainably. Sustainable because recycling and reusing items means fewer polluting resources are being used to make brand new clothing, as well as the fact it prolongs the life of an item and redirects it from landfill. And fun because you do not have to surrender your style in aid of sustainability, vintage provides both…  Great quality vintage clothing, curated in line with current and timeless trends!

A Smarter Use Of Money

Second hand or vintage clothing is not only a more environmentally friendly method of shopping, it is also a more sustainable way to spend money. Naturally, vintage clothing comes with a price tag much lower than that of a similar item that is brand new, particularly when it comes to branded items. Purchasing items of clothing through vintage clothing retailers is likely to save money, meaning more clothes can be bought or additional cash in the bank. What is more, vintage clothing tends to hold its value, presenting an opportunity to sell it on again and continue the vintage clothing cycle.

World of Worn are a sustainable vintage fashion retailer, handpicking high-quality worn clothing from premium brands to timeless one of a kind pieces. Their aim is to give vintage clothing a second chance and drive down the impact that fast fashion is having on our environment. You can find out more about the potential of second hand items by visiting their online store and viewing their full vintage clothing collection.