Monday, 30 November 2020

Moon Boot: How to Make Snow Boots Look Cool

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Moon Boot

Offering a great combination of warmth, comfortability and style; Moon Boot has become the ever-present element of every fashionista’s winter wardrobe.

The winter is already here, calling us all to get our winter wardrobes ready. With cold breezes blowing from all over the place and very little sunshine during the day, it’s time you dust off your coats and jackets; and go outside with proper warm clothes. What about winter boots? As we gear up for the snow seasons in and around the Christmas and beyond; it can’t be stressed enough how important it is to have a pair or two of comfy winter boots.

The question is how to find a pair of snow boots that is not only warm and functional but also look cool and stylish. Given that there aren’t many boots that offer unrivalled protection against the freezing cold, and manage to be perfectly in trend. The solution surely has to be a stylish pair of Moon Boots – a testament to retro-futuristic design enhanced by the Made in Italy quality.

The Fascinating Story of Moon Boots

A revolution in the world of snow boots, the Italian brand Moon Boot was first established back in the 1970s. Inspired by the moon landing, company founder Giancarlo Zanatta immediately started sketching out the designs for a comfortable après-ski wear. The result is the creation of Moon Boot that became a greatly popular fad in the aftermath of Apollo 11 moon landing.

Resurfaced once again as a retro-futuristic, cult design back in the 2000s, the unique collection of Moon Boots took no time to regain popularity. Worn by a plethora of global superstars and with appearances on movies like Napoleon Dynamite; Moon Boots have once again become a must-have staple for anyone’s winter wardrobe.

The Cool and Comfortable Design of Moon Boots

Imagine you are wearing a pair of boots that looks almost the same as the astronauts who landed on the moon for the first time ever. Add to that the moon-like surfaces of a snow-covered area, and it’s almost as if you are walking on the moon yourself. The comfy, padded look of the boot also adds to the general vibe of the winter, while keeping your feet warm in a stylish way.

In general, the boots are made using Cordura or with a synthetic leather upper, which are then lined with ample foam to ensure warmth and comfort. The rubber soles, on the other hand, are there to protect against accidental slips so common while walking in the snow.

The boots are available in a great variety of colours and sizes, with different shades and hues combined together to create a striking contrast. There are also three new striking colours introduced for the latest fall & winter collection. There are also two distinctive collections – the classic and the urban line to fit with both the traditional and contemporary aesthetics.