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 Friday, 15 January 2021

Can You Do More With Your Fashion Accessories?

Written by Rosana Beechum
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Fashion accessories are perfect for accenting a truly dynamic ensemble.

However, they also need to be utilised with precision. Otherwise, you risk your look becoming overcrowded or uneven with the addition of each accessory. If you use them strategically however, then a more well-rounded outfit can be meticulously created, elegant and refined across every little detail on show.

Without further ado, here’s how to make the most of the fashion accessories you wear.

Customise Your Watch

Watches can be quite telling in how far you’ll go to truly sell your look.

Because watches sit on the wrist in a slick, unassuming fashion, it’s the level of detail that you really need to look out for here. Everything from featured brand names to the finish in the high-end material used must be considered. To emulate as much finesse as possible, unfortunately any old watch won’t do.

However, you don’t necessarily need to buy a new watch. Instead, you can deal with Watch Strap Style, who offer new and replacement watch straps. You can browse by collection, style, or width, ensuring that you’re never stuck for ideas. They have a range of affordable styles available for purchase, and endeavour to breathe new life into your old watch. That way, you can refine the effect that you want your watch to have, splicing together different straps with your old bezel or case watch components.

Save Old Accessories

When it comes to older accessories, sometimes you don’t even need to replace the odd part or two – they can work fine on their own, in time…

Hats are often worn for a practical effect, whether it is to keep unruly hair in place or to provide some needed shade from searing sunshine. They are occasionally used as a fashion statement, but the bucket hat typically never really was… until recently.

However, in a report on last year’s Fashion Week, BBC News stated that fisherman’s bucket hats were surprisingly all the range, with numerous models adorning them flawlessly. Anna Sui and Giorgio Armani hopped on the bandwagon too, according to the report, and that everyone would be wearing them in the Spring of 2020.

Of course, it’s worth mentioning here that bucket hats weren’t typically the pinnacle of a stylish attire. They were mostly worn by fisherfolk lounging on the banks of a canal or river, so to see them enjoying use in the fashion arena is both bizarre and oddly satisfying. Hang on to your unflattering accessories, because one year, they might just be the talk of a fashion week!

Wear Themed Accessories (Where Appropriate)

Accessories are brilliant in providing themed inflections to your ensembles.

For example, some people will wear festive accessories for Christmas parties, adorning sparkling Christmas tree earrings or velvet platform shoes. In the spring, others might wear a flower in their hair, or take things up a notch with a flower crown! When Halloween rolls around, spookier additions like horned headbands can make an appearance too. It’s all a bit of aesthetical fun, but it also gives your look a sense of structure, which in turn gives an impression of completion.

Obviously, you’re not limited by the season either, for different special occasions all come with a host of themed jewellery, cross bags, and more. There’s always an opportunity to add some extra character to your ensemble. Really take the time to shop around, endeavouring to keep your accessories consistent with the theme of the rest of your outfit. That way, everything will look more organised, as if each immaculate addition compliments the next.

Wear a Stylish Mask

The pandemic has ushered in a wave of mask wearers, and some adorn them for safety while others utilise them as a fashion accessory.

The Guardian has warned that this merging of the two purposes is dangerous, dubbing it a ‘perilous path’ moving from a health protector to a fashion accessory. While it is true that people shouldn’t trivialise the importance of masks, it’s equally as valid to have them double as fashion accessories. If the wearing of a mask is rightly mandatory, then why not make the most of them?

Some stylish face masks can feature intricate, colourful patterns, in addition to being made from soft satins and silks for an added touch of luxury. Don’t compromise on the fit and functionality of the mask for the sake of style points, but where everything meets in a perfect middle is where your focus should be set. If you need any inspiration, GQ have provided a handy rundown on quality face masks you could consider. There’s a clear range of ideas, perfect for almost any outfit you decide to throw together.


Ultimately, you can indeed do more with your fashion accessories. From replacing old parts of an accessory to simply biding your time waiting for yours to catch on, there’s a lot of proactive measures you can take here to make the most of what you have. There’s always room for a bit of extra nuance, so get creative!

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