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 Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Oteyza AW21/22 Collection - 'Arcadia'

Written by Totem Fashion
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Totem Fashion

Oteyza is a Spanish menswear firm founded in 2012 by Paul García de Oteyza and Caterina Pañeda.

The designer duo favour traditional tailoring from their workshop in Madrid, and are becoming one of the greatest defenders and exponents of contemporary custom made and luxury prét-a-couture.

The fashion firm has been awarded the 2018 National Fashion Award in the category of Innovative Entrepreneurship, as well as the 2018 T Magazine’s Award (The New York Times magazine) for Best Male Collection. In 2019 they were Vogue's Who’s On Next finalists.

The AW21/22 collection ‘Arcadia’ from Oteyza is all about getting back to the balance between man and nature.

For this season, Oteyza uses natural elements as the origin of its creations. Arcadia is a land of humanism and freedom, of deep values and profound creation, in which man finds himself in perfect balance with nature once again, in time and space, and on which Oteyza bases all his discourse and story of tradition and avant-garde.

Such elements have always been important to the fashion house, hence the work on natural raw materials such as Spanish merino wool or organic cottons.

"To talk about nature you have to speak from the truth and with the truth"

The latest collection has been conceived from materials with greater structure, losing the security of symmetries and enhancing asymmetric balance. There are unstructured and very light patterns that always enhance the movement of the garments, as well as very masculine pieces and feminine silhouettes.

For this presentation, Oteyza collaborated with Remires De Ganuza. The iconic winery from La Rioja. Both Alavesa and Oteyza’s creations share a vision: to be faithful to nature.

Both creators promote this symbiosis with nature not only in their creations but also in their processes. Both the winery and the firm feed on it, and repay their debt by creating high-quality artisan products with small and sustainable productions.

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