Friday, 22 January 2021

“Cake" Lazoschmidl AW 2021

Written by Totem Fashion
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Julius Hayes

Lazoschmidl’s Autumn/Winter 2021 collection sees a return to our childhood wardrobe.

We are invited to explore the visual identity that has been shaped by the way we dressed when we were young - or have been dressed by our mothers.

The remembrance of childhood is a playful and happy place for grown-up men to rediscover where the heart is. It is a reflection of things that have been lost and garments we loved, and will never forget.

In our dreams, we stand in front of our childhood wardrobe, picking out the pieces we want to wear to school or play. In our bedrooms, we gaze at catalogue mannequins and late night TV programs. In our fantasies, we combine our re-imagined wardrobe with an adult-content-way of dressing.

Key pieces feature naive cake paintings by Scott Csoke reworked in the brand’s atelier as mixed-media couture knitwear, hand-embroidered with ‘emotional stress’ statements. Corduroy ensembles, DIY denim, paisley prints and kid’s toy appliqués drawn by Humberto Cruz quote real-life memories. Furthermore, the infamous ‘piss stain’ pants from Lazoschmidl’s very frst collection entitled “Grand Poop” (2014) makes a return - as well as the butterfy, this time laser-cut into leather pieces.