Monday, 25 January 2021

Farhad Re's SS21 Couture Collection "Galatea"

Written by Méphistophélès Productions
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Iris Brosch © Méphistophélès Productions

For many days and nights, in full lockdown, Farhad Re cuts and moulds the triple organza silk, the colour of virginal whiteness.

The contours appear slowly, and Farhad applies himself to delicately carving a light, sculptural, architectural silhouette. No less than 500 meters of organza are needed to create the 15 dresses of the collection.

This is the eternal story of Pygmalion - the artist who falls in love with his creation. Nothing and no-one can match this perfection which he has created with his own hands. The work that came out of his imagination meets and exceeds all his expectations.

Behind the opacity of the material looms the grace of a woman with skin as white as milk - as seen by Farhad Re, whom he names Galatea. The purity of renewal, of freedom, of letting go - after all these months of lockdown- is also found in the perfectly mastered and hand-shaped geometric shapes that form each dress. An invitation to dreamlike escape, but also to transform the lines of the silhouette like this long chiselled coat, enveloping, comforting, in which we want snuggle up.

Farhad Re revisits the myth of Pygmalion by giving wings to his Galatea , allowing her to discover her world. Finding himself attracted to the very essence of freedom - stemming from his family history – Farhad’s mother, a woman of Persian origin, fled her country to regain the freedom to think and dress as she saw fit. – The designer feels a real desire to share this need for the absolute, this quest for the sublime, this inclination to shape in the loved one - a soul mate.