Thursday, 04 February 2021

Ideas for Gender Fluid Dressing

Written by Mary Johnson
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The face of contemporary fashion is changing. Gender boundaries are increasingly viewed as outdated, and a lot of people – especially Gen Z - are more open to the idea of gender-neutral dressing.

Designers like Harris Reed and fashion brands like No Sesso are spearheading this revolution, taking self-expression and gender equality in fashion beyond the red carpet.

It is commonplace to find outfits that blur the lines between the genders, making it easier than ever for couples to share clothes. This feminine/masculine dressing trend not only serves to empower men and women but is also super convenient and fashionable, bringing back that supercool late 90s vibe.

For open-minded couples looking for outfits they can share for gender-fluid dressing, below are some suggestions you should consider:

One Luxury High-Design Product

There are few luxury brands at the forefront of the gender-fluidity movement. Gucci recently has been at the forefront of this in terms of luxury brands, as they are aiming to dissolve the line between the genders, presenting masculinity and femininity as relative concepts. For example, you can browse a hip, up-to-date selection of Gucci on and see all the pieces that can be used for interchanging wardrobes. This past season, Gucci sparked interests when it featured a male model in a dress, really pushing the boundary in a fantastic way! As a result, you will find most of the brand’s products come designs that can be shared easily between couples. Whether you are looking for blazers, denim trousers, cardigans, belts or even skirts and sneakers, invest in ONE luxury statement piece that can suit both of you

Statement Sunglasses

The genderless revolution is not restricted to clothing pieces; sunglasses and other eyewear items also come in designs friendly to both genders. The retro-infused, small, oval and round glasses are a great example. These are not just a strong eyewear trend at the moment but are also completely gender-neutral. Remember how John Lennon and Yoko Ono used to wear the same rounded glasses? The traditionally masculine rectangular glasses also come in a range of colours, styles, proportions and materials suitable for both genders.

A Puffer Jacket

If you are looking to keep warm in the winter and those cold nights, the puffer jacket is as close as you can get to wearing a duvet as a legitimate piece of outerwear. These are also easy to share with your partner, as most of them are made with ease in mind. Slight modifications such as a belt on top can make even the most masculine puffer jackets fit any womanly frame perfectly!


The blazer is arguably one of the strongest statement pieces for women looking to subvert stereotypical gender roles. This is a concept that has been around since the 80’s when Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent introduced men's tailoring and power suits for women. Before then, blazers and power suits were primarily masculine outfits. Currently, they can be worn by women to exude that assertive, tough and confident alpha-female vibe!

Gender-fluid dressing is not just a trend that will come and go. It is a way of life that will most likely be the norm in the not-so-far future. Shopping for pieces with your partner will not only bring you together but is also a great way to save money. Better yet, sharing clothes will help reduce your carbon footprint, making it a sustainable way to live.