Monday, 01 March 2021

Spring Is Nearly Here: The Men's Guide To 2021

Written by John Liverstone
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Fares Hamouche

Believe it or not, we're around one month away from Spring. While the past year may have been well and truly on hold, let's not forget that the fashion brands haven't stopped.

Sure, the shows might be a little different to what we may have seen in the past – but they are still alive and kicking and showcasing new trends by the week.

If we cast our mind to what Spring 2021 is going to look like for the typical guy, we're left with the suggestions that we're going to mull through today. Whether you shop at Covent Garden or anywhere else, take the following guidance into account as you prepare for the new season.

The Bomber Is Back!

They come and go, and then they come again. This has undoubtedly been the message with the bomber jacket, which is making a strong revival for Spring 2021.

However, gone are the days when there was a "standard" bomber jacket. Instead, the fashion shows demonstrated umpteen varieties - although all seemed to share the theme of being a little neater than in the past.

The Trench Coat Trend Continues

As anyone who keeps tabs on the industry will testify, the trench coat has been around for some time and shows no signs of going away. With that being said, there are some slight modifications from past seasons. Firstly, in terms of colour, neutral tones tend to be on-trend. We're talking about the likes of grey, and at a push, caramel, but this seems to be the modern-day secret of the trench coat.

Next, let's move onto size. A snug-fitting trench coat will no longer suffice. 2021 is all about the oversize version, and if you can pair it with outlandish accessories, you'll tick every style box that the recent fashion shows have demonstrated. What do we mean by such accessories? Anything goes. Whether it is shorts or flip flops – the fashion brands are big into this sort of effect.

A Trip Down Memory Lane (to the 1970s, to be precise)

You've probably seen the coloured jeans and safari suits all over the fashion news - and this is for good reason. The 1970s have slowly but surely made a resurgence, and each year the grip seems to be getting stronger. This is another reason why the caramel outfits are so in-demand this year – they fall right into the typical 70s definition.

Go Loud With Bermuda Shorts And Footwear

Granted, not everybody is going to be down for this final spring choice. Bermuda shorts are a bit like marmite, you're either a fan, or you can't stand the things.

If you fall into the former category, there's a chance you'll have complete buy-in to what Spring 2021 is set to bring us. The fashion brands are adamant that pairing Bermudas with statement footwear is the way forward. Want to know the best bit? This includes sandals with socks - it can be that out there.