Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Small Independent Sustainable Brands To Look Out For In 2021

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Laura Chouette

As well as buying high-quality fashion and accessories, making sure that you are in style; one thing that has become more and more important is sustainability.

Many of us are more focused on reducing the impact that we have on the planet, which means that we are thinking about sustainable brands and what they can offer us when it comes to shopping. 

Want to make sure that you find the right accessories or fashion that are also sustainable? Like the idea of shopping as independently as you can? If this is true for you, we have put together our top 10 small independent sustainable brands to look out for in 2021.

Elvis & Kresse

Not only does Elvis & Kresse use reclaimed materials in order to create luxury lifestyle accessories, but along with this, the brand also gives back to a variety of charities, offering 50% of their profits. 

Been London

As the name suggests, Been London is a London-based brand dedicated to transforming waste items into beautiful fashion items. The variety of things they can use is rather inspiring, including leather offcuts and plastic bottles. 

Beaumont Organic

When you check out the range that Beaumont Organic offers, you will see that this brand embraces the simpler side to style. Beaumont Organic produce gorgeous items; it also has its charitable foundation, which supports people in Fiji.

Mother Of Pearl 

One of the best things about Mother of Pearl is that it manages to combine sustainable clothing with luxury clothing. Across the entire brand, you will find lots of different eco-friendly materials, including organic cotton. 

People Tree

As well as using all eco-friendly materials as a part of their range, People Tree is also, rather unsurprisingly, all about the people. They want to ensure that they address labour risks in the fashion industry, and they do this by adopting the Fairtrade International- Small Producers Organisations Code of Conduct.


Going against the idea of fast fashion and the “sweatshops” that so many of us have begun to dislike. Birdsong is a boutique label that handmakes all of their building items, paying them the London wage. Something that we think sets them apart in the fashion world. 


Groundtruth is owned by 3 sisters, who decided to set up their own family fashion business. They take a somewhat different approach and focus more on travel wear that is functional and stylish. Their brand is also focused on ensuring that plastic pollution is reduced and improving the quality of lives around the U.K. and the world. 


Not only can your outerwear be sustainable, but your underwear can too. Pico is a brand that designs beautifully soft organic cotton underwear. They are also fully vegan, and every single product follows the Fairtrade International certifications. 

E.L.V. Denim

You would be surprised by what you can create with old discarded denim. Something that E.L.V. Denim sets out to show us. They take old denim and transform it into something sophisticated, but it is also kinder to the environment. 


Clothes are not the only thing that can be sustainable and eco-aware. Jewellery is another fashion item that you can make in a way that is kinder to the environment. Alighieri is a beautiful collection of jewellery that uses as much eco-friendly material as possible and ensures that they stay in touch with their suppliers.

We love being able to share with you these fantastic brands. If you are looking to treat yourself to a new outfit, bag or pair of shoes, take a look at some of these fantastic brands and see what they can offer you