Friday, 09 April 2021

Refresh Your Wardrobe By Buying Recycled Clothing

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Thyla Jane

Vintage shopping is the secret to getting one-of-a-kind items. These dainty pieces are often designer, at a much cheaper price. In today’s age, fortunately, it is nice to be a vintage admirer. 

No matter where you are, there are various well-curated shops and apps to assist you to find the best deal.

Why Waste Too Much Money?

Everyone should shop consciously. Wasting too much money on a single piece of clothing will not give you variety. There are sites like eBay that sell vintage clothes. There are so many online e-commerce retailers that offer elegant second-hand bags, accessories, jewellery, shoes, tops, jeans, etc.

Platforms like Instagram have taken shopping to the next level. You can get trendy pieces at fraction of rates of their original price. 

Charity Shops

The vintage shops have both categories of dresses: menswear and womenswear. These items are handpicked, cleaned and pressed with keeping stylists, environmentally conscious vintage buffs in mind. Their batch comprises only the very nicest retro clothes and vintage styles so that you stand out from the crowd. 

The range of vintage items of clothing and bags is unrivalled, comprising extraordinary vintage pieces of designers. 

Below are some of the vintage shops that support reused clothing for sustainable fashion.

1. Edmund Yard

2. Rokit

3. Beyondretro

The Impact of Fashion

The fashion business is one of the most polluting in the globe. Do you know that we throw away 95% of the clothes that have the capacity of having a second life? If we destroy less and recycle better, we can create a good impact on the earth. 

The creative blend of sustainable fashion, trend-led, customer-led, and cheaper rates sets vintage shops apart and stimulates a fiercely loyal customer base.

Benefits of Vintage Clothing

Let's discuss some of the more interesting advantages of using second-hand clothes: 

  1. You Might Discover Clothing Pieces That Aren't Manufactured Anymore

In this process, you will come across a unique piece. Some contemporary pieces when mixed with traditional rare items look classy and harmonious. 

  1. These Clothes Do Not Burn Your Pocket

The clothes at second hand shops are available at a fraction of their original price. 

  1. Vintage Clothes Are More Durable. 

Earlier the clothes were stronger due to the raw materials and process of production. Today's clothes may get ruined after a few washes. While buying vintage clothes, you can get a steal deal. 

  1. Supporting the Local Economy. Supporting Local Business Is Always Good. 

Buying vintage jewellery, clothes, shoes, footwear is a way of helping your local economy rather than some big company.

  1. Greener Way to Shop. 

If you are conscious about the environment, vintage shopping will help you to contribute to the cause. Using second-hand bags, accessories, womenswear and menswear lessens waste and promotes sustainable living.

Recycle & Refresh Your Wardrobe

Help to lessen the fashion water and sell your clothes to vintage shops that you no longer need. Many second hand shops offer to buy back schemes to lure more people into this initiative. 

Reused clothing is the mission to bring more means of sustainable fashion to customers and to assist shut down the loop on fashion trash.