Monday, 26 April 2021

Paul Bertin Paris Revisits Its Family Heritage With A New It-bag, BANKS

Written by Alexis Djouahra
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Paul Bertin

Paris-born Paul Bertin launches a new bag, BANKS. The brand revisits and pays homage to its illustrious leather-good tradition with a new design, already an It-bag.

PAUL BERTIN PARIS has just refreshed its image, and it is ready to launch its new bag called BANKS. A timeless look that feels functional and audaciously winks to jewellery design. 

The Company: Family Story And Tradition

In 1871, the Bertin brothers founded the Maison Bertin Frères. The Parisian company, formerly specialised in trunks, was known for its checkerboard fabric mounted on the bias. The Bertin Frères business prospered and opened its first family boutique at 29 Avenue de l’Opéra in 1874. The travel and leather goods store offered items made in workshops in Belleville run by the Bertin brothers themselves.

In 1900, Paul Bertin created a cubic canvas, a 3-colour pattern on a black background creating a geometric design in relief. The company covered some of its products with a checkerboard fabric, which represented an alternative to the monogram fabrics offered by other large competing companies. The Bertin brothers were also the creators of several innovations they patented, including a new type of trunks and a process to make hides and all their tannery products perfectly waterproof. Today, this famous Parisian House is reborn and relaunched in the world of high-end leather goods with a new line and under a new name: PAUL BERTIN PARIS.

The Brand Today

PAUL BERTIN PARIS is a concentrate of know-how, drawing its inspiration from nostalgia and modernism. The brand creates aesthetics that celebrates the Woman, her desire to combine the beautiful and the functional, all of which stands the test of time. The brand artistic direction aspires to modernity and timelessness, with a chunky and industrial spirit through its high-end metalwork.

PAUL BERTIN PARIS is inspired by the metropolis, art and design, in a universe of its own. The emotions that the brand wants to offer to its future customers are assurance, provocation and audacity. The brand wants to develop bags as the essence of a clever mix between jewellery and leather goods. One of the brand’s assets lies in the choice of its suppliers, specialists in their field: metalwork designed in Paris and made in Italy, leather sourced in France and Moroccan craftmanship.

PAUL BERTIN PARIS works with different countries to ensure excellence for its products thanks to the specific know-how of each country. The human aspect is also part of the brand’s strength. Indeed, PAUL BERTIN PARIS is made up of professionals based in Paris, forming a family-size team. The brand also collaborates with French association Margot Pour La Vie, which aims to help children without a known diagnosis.

Banks By Paul Bertin Paris

BANKS is the first model and has already established itself as the flagship piece of the first PAUL BERTIN PARIS collection. Conceived and designed by a small Parisian team, BANKS fuses jewellery, modernity and contemporary. BANKS is the classic midi bag size enhanced by unique brass ornaments that give it an inimitable look. Paul Bertin BANKS’ bi-material side and its three compartments make it both functional and sexy. This flap bag becomes instantly recognisable with its unique clasp and gold chain. An industrial spirit combined with an iconic midi bag design makes this original and unique in the 'It-bag' category.

Available in black, white and brown, timeless colours; its pure aesthetics will make it the top of fashion desires of the moment and those to come. Each bag is unique and has a serial number placed inside the bag to keep traceability and ensure its authenticity.

Discover the world of PAUL BERTIN PARIS and explore the collection online at PaulBertinParis.