Tuesday, 27 April 2021

KARNIT AHARONI France SS21 Collection - For Independent Women

Written by Romain Boulais Hulin
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Karnit Aharoni Spring/Summer 2021 women collection
Greg Alexander

The transition between menswear to womenswear came naturally for Karnit Aharoni. The French designer and citizen of the world just launched her Spring/Summer 2021 collection inspired by a very special and stylish woman in her life.

Karnit Aharoni France SS2021 collection signs the fashion designer's passage to women couture with sleek and casual outfits made for metropolitan and free-spirited women.

Karnit Aharoni: The Designer

Karnit is the perfect example of the nomad, a globetrotter who lived between Israel, New Zealand, and France; who worked in Milan, London, and New York. She got her master's in fashion menswear from the Royal College of Art in London. She has always been fascinated by menswear because it has its base on traditions and history. Karnit's personal challenge was finding and creating that particular detail, the twist to design something special. Her whole career in the fashion industry has been as a menswear designer, first in Italy for Ermenegildo Zegna and then for Donna Karan in NYC.

Finally, she decided to go solo and fund her own brand because she was tired of the fashion pace of endless collections and seasons. She wanted her independence back. So she did. Karnit decided to design a womenswear line still inspired by menswear because it was what she and the women around her wanted to wear. Her parents were diplomats and, from a very early age, she was used to travelling, discovering, and meeting new people. Thanks to her childhood so rich in experiences, she has never felt afraid of pursuing her career anywhere she had the opportunity.

Karnit Aharoni France Spring/summer 2021 Collection

The inspiration behind KARNIT AHARONI France Spring/Summer 2021 collection is the designer's grandmother, a very stylish woman who represented a great source of inspiration for the young Karnit. Karnit was inspired by the pictures of her grandmother in the 30s, so Karnit mixed it up with a 'Wild West' style because she found we are living crazy times of change with that mix of chaos and excitement for the new like it was back then, her grandmother's time.

What is this style about? Karnit Aharoni's style is a mix as she tries to keep some elements that are loved and recognisable. To these, she adds some new fabrics and colours, especially jacquards that feel exclusive and capable to tell a story. Then, Karnit runs her research into the period style or element that interests her the most and, from there, her designs come to life.

'I believe what we are going through at the moment are changes which would have happened anyway, even without covid. I keep walking the path I’ve started with, and for which I’ve left the fashion industry of big brands: small quantities, responsible production and partners, season-less pieces. I am a woman and I come from a line of very strong women. My grandmother was an incredible person as well as my mother, both very strong and creative. I also have two sisters, two daughters, and friends. I’m always sensitive to their feedback, comments, and needs. It's the contemporary femininity.' Karnit says.

All the fabrics are 100% natural and eco-sourced in Italy and France; the production process is all made either in France or Portugal. 

Find more about the KARNIT AHARONI France and her new collection online at KARNITAHARONI


Photography: Greg Alexander

Art director: Sebastien Vienne

Hair & Makeup: Carine Larchet for LaRoche Posay & Eugène Perma

Model: Angline (EliteMilano)

Wardrobe: Karnit Aharoni

Production: Mephistopheles