Friday, 30 April 2021

Farhad Re's eco-responsible architectural fantasies

Written by Romain Hulin-Boulais
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Greg Alexander

Couture designer Farhad Re amazes us once again with pieces from his Spring-Summer 2021 collection as a canvas, a mirror of his moods.

Recoloured in a traditional way in his Parisian atelier, the 6 chosen dresses allow us to discover new architectural facets through painting. Shadows and volumes reflect differently but always in a controlled harmony. The colours used are 100% vegetable and organic. A lyrical soaring, full of hope, with a touch of eco-responsibility.

In this new fable, Galatea - the muse created by Farhad Re during the lockdown - escapes from her monochrome universe and discovers a multicoloured and hopeful world thanks to the arrival of the vaccine! As in the myth, she discovers the red of love, the blue of the sky, the green of hope, the yellow of the light and sun. Despite some dark black clouds still looming in the distance, she feels the world is coming back to life!

Discover Farhad Re's eco-conscious haute couture online.


Photography: Greg Alexander
Hair & Make-up: Carine Larchet for LaRoche Posay/ L’Oréal & Eugene Perma
Model: Charlotte Eynard