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Wear it local, wear it multi-ways: Firehorse silk scarves

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British textile manufacture has many stories of local excellence and exquisite craftmanship like Firehorse. This female-founded reality is based in Macclesfield, where silk production has been spanning for over four centuries. The location is a foretaste of pure luxury made in Britain.

Firehorse takes its name from the Chinese zodiac sign of Finella, founder of the brand, and encloses the incandescent and wild spirit of this celestial animal. In the local workshop, skilful artisans mastered sustainable techniques and exalt the beauty of Firehorse silk scarves with local limestone-infused water.

British Luxury And Ethical Fashion

Firehorse luxurious scarves are hand-made with high-quality silk satin in Macclesfield, a centre famous for its silk manufacture. The company is the herald of slow fashion: a production aiming at limited pieces, in which every single detail is made patiently by hand. Firehorse scarves are not sewn by machine; their edges are gently rolled and sewn by hand with hundreds of extra fine stitches to give an unbeatable artisanal touch and pleasant structure.

Firehorse is proud to be a sustainable and ethical brand. Sensible choices and many technological investments went to lower the carbon footprint and impact on the local environment. Firehorse switched to digital printing on silk, which results in a cut of 50% of water, a reduction of carbon emissions, and wastage going into drains. Finella's eco-responsibility encompasses fully recyclable packaging, tags and gift wrapping made from recycled materials.

Wear It Multi-ways

With the sun shining out and a light breeze caressing our faces, a scarf is a perfect companion for a walk in Nature or stroll in the city. A brilliant feature in Firehorse limited editions is the size variety - three in total for each piece, with a price range from £85 to £270.

Wear it local and multi-ways! As you pick the size of your scarf, you can choose the way to make it yours. Here are some style suggestions selected by FashionsFinest: a Firehorse medium-sized handcrafted creation makes a boho-chic headscarf or a luxurious pin-up bowed hairband. Wrapped around your neck, knotted or styled at the front as a cascade of luminous folds are evergreen choices. A small scarf embellishes the handles of your everyday tote effortlessly, while the longer size can be turned into an opulent obi belt.

Firehorse is part of the MakeitBritish network; in its exclusive selection of luxury scarves, heritage meets technology and the 'local' factor is fostered and preserved.

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