Thursday, 17 June 2021

Ciccarelli Studio, an 'explosive' UK launch

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Ciccarelli Studio

Founded in Marseille in 2009, Ciccarelli Studio soaks up the energy and multicultural vibes of this coastal French city. This season, the maison is ready to establish a strong presence across the Channel with its sustainably handcrafted luxury jewellery and accessories.

Since 2009, Ciccarelli Studio has been producing handmade leather goods and jewellery giving new life to discarded and raw materials. After years of activity, starred from high end collaborations, the French maison arrives in the UK with an explosive launch: the 'Bulles Explosives'.

About Ciccarelli Studio

Ciccarelli Studio sums the experiences of the founding designer, Valerie Ciccarelli, as a theatre and cinema set designer. Ciccarelli Studio's creations are inspired by Valerie's personal, professional and environmental background. Leather bags and jewelleries are entirely produced handmade, hence unique, but they are part of permanent collections. The most iconic pieces of the French maison are the Smile bags and the DjiDji ring, in which the variegated textures of metals and natural leather create a multi-sensorial feel. Ciccarelli Studio aims to give new life to recycled materials and elevate them into luxury pieces extrapolated from their original purpose.

Ciccarelli Studio Ss21 'bulles Explosives' Collection: A New Chapter In The UK

After a first taste of the UK fashion environment with the AW21 collaborative collection with Maison Bent during the LFW, Ciccarelli Studio is back in the UK with a new accessory line for SS21: the 'Bulles Explosives'.

In this new collection, sustainability plays a fundamental role with the handcrafted production - mixing painting on leather and metalwork - that makes every piece one of a kind. 'Bulles Explosive' is an innovative collection, consisting of a transforming array of handmade and hand-painted bags, coin purses and bracelets which can be remixed, matched and worn in multiple ways. The versatile bags - from clutches - turns into crossbody bags; the bracelets take an edgy twist as chockers or stackable wristbands. 'Bulles Explosives' expresses Valerie's love for painting; while the chainmail trim in handbag and purses pays homage to Ciccarelli's fisherman heritage.

'I am a rebel at (he)art and love divert the traditional use of objects and materials to create rock chic inspired pieces of jewellery and leather goods.'

Meet The Designer

Valerie Ciccarelli opened her own fashion lab after a carrier as a set and stage designer for cinema and theatre productions. Her presence behind the stage contributed to her imagination and craft skills; her love for art and painting transpires from her latest UK collection. However, it is her hometown, the French coastal city of Marseille, the main source of inspiration from the very start. Like any Mediterranean port cities, sunny Marseille sees a coming and going of faces, cultures, languages, colours. Influences from southern France, Italy and the Maghreb are throbbing with life in her creations. Valerie drew the attention of many eyes in the French fashion industry; her activity met with success with a stellar collaboration with Gianfranco Ferre in Paris and consultancy with premium brands like Les Petites Bombes and Le Temps des Cerises for whom she created jewellery lines.

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