Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Vaishali S 'Breath', A/W 2021 haute couture collection

Written by Damien Testu
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Indian fashion designer Vaishali S made her grand debut on the last day of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week with her handmade Autumn/Winter 2021 collection. An introspective need: 'Breath'.

Vaishali S cultivated her love for Indian traditional woven textiles for over 20 years. Weaving is in the DNA of her Autumn/Winter 2021 collection titled 'Breath', simple action and 'thread' connecting people and the universe.

Breath is something that has remained unacknowledged in most of us. Ironically, we all feel it and it is the only thing that is happening every moment, continuously from the moment we were born. And still, its presence is taken for granted. It is the only inevitable exchange that is happening between us and the rest of the world. Why did we stop acknowledging the most prominent, evident and essential process that ensures our existence here? Breath is the only thread that unites everything as one and supports life as a whole.

About The Collection

Handwoven fabrics from various states of India become a canvas to celebrate life and restore a zero-waste approach, preserving the museum-quality weave in innovative corded texture. This signature cording is braided along with Merino wools and Chanderi silks throughout the collection to remind us of the essence of all living beings around us. Breath gives us the ability to form a connection with ourselves and others. This interplay is like the threads unravelling from a spool to form a fabric that blends the weaves of India. A confluence of two worlds, traditional and modern, on a platform of art and expression.

The collection embodies an artistic interpretation of handloom fabrics as our second skin, with a desire to wear ensembles created with nature itself and is timeworn in its quality. With an ageless paradigm of Indian textile vocabulary, every thread and fibre sings the songs of lost tales and soil of the Indian lands. It is essential to pay attention to this one outstanding process because through it, our existence has been challenged and proven. This collection is a statement and celebration of our existence through the simple act of taking a 'Breath'.

Meet Vaishali Shadangule and enter the world of Vaishali S online.