Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Juana Martín's rebirth: 'Sel Noir', A/W 2021 collection

Written by Jean Privé
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Fashion designer Juana Martín presented her new collection 'Sel Noir' in digital format at the Paris Couture Fashion Week. The Cordoban designer is an established presence of the annual Parisien showcase and this particular collection reflects the rebirth of the designer after a complex time.

Using hi-impact digital audiovisuals, the Spanish designer Juana Martín unveiled her new Autumn/Winter haute couture collection 'Sal Negra' ('Sel Noir') at the Paris Haute Couture Week. An intense reflection and tribute to the current world situation.

Images are closely linked to nature and take us directly to where the fashion film was recorded, the unmistakable Salinas de la Bahía de Cádiz, which belong to the Cultural Heritage of Andalusia. Shot in the middle of the dawn. Symbology is crucial in 'Sal Negra': the dawn represents the rebirth, a new stage after a turbulent year and the very name of the collection is reinforced by the scenario in which the catwalk takes place.

The designer’s new collection can be interpreted from two points of view, taking as a reference the prominence and symbolism of the colour black. On the one hand, from Juana Martín's trajectory and origins, her roots and her particular and recognised style. And, on the other hand, from a personal vision in which 'Sel Noir' reproduces the situation experienced this past year around the world.

About The Collection

'Black Salt' is characterised by volume, structure and the binomial and paradox between black and white, light and dark.

In terms of patterns, volumes and exaggerated structures invade the garments, especially on the sleeves. We also find a combination of straight lines to which the curved format is added in more organic shapes. The main fabrics are embroidered satins, structured organza with whalebones, taffetas, pleats, silk chiffons and a sophisticated crystal mesh coat. Fabrics and textures take an important role in her video parade, as they make an important contrast with the homogeneous blue sky and the infinite sand that can be seen in the background.

The colours of nature that serve as a backdrop merge and are part of the colourful character of this collection. When talking about the colour palette, there is an important influence of the feelings experienced in the last year: black is dominant, although, in a sea of dark tones, a light stands out. In a succession of black looks, only one of them is radiant white. This reflects the light at the end of the tunnel that we are gradually glimpsing. Although still apparently weak, this light carries a great strength.

This is Juana Martin’s latest collection, a tribute to the current situation in the world, through unique fabrics, extreme structures, two unique colours and the personal reflection of the designer since her beginnings until now, more than fifteen years.

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