Saturday, 24 July 2021

Best Pleated Mini Skirts to Complete Your Autumn Look

Written by Cindy Mendoza
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Autumn can bring extraordinary calmness while leaves from the trees dance with the air as they fall to the ground.

Strolling around the park with someone you love or by yourself can bring you mental clarity and contentment. For many women, autumn is the season for plaid skirts, no matter where you are. Men and women have worn this rustic style for centuries, and it is continuously setting various trends up to this day.

Wearing plaid skirts during autumn has become somewhat a tradition for many women across different cultures.

However, this year has been quite different for pleated mini skirts, as it is one of the hottest trends this 2021. So here, you will find the best pleated mini skirts you can incorporate into your autumn wardrobe. Check them out!

1. Mikiko - Plaid Pleated Mini Skirt

Having a basic pleated mini skirt in various autumnal colours is essential. This mini skirt is made with 100% cotton and comes with a side zip for more effortless wear. The knife pleats that go with it provides texture and fullness for the skirt. This bottom can help you achieve a chic schoolgirl vibe throughout the year, but the colours you can choose from make it perfect for the autumn season. You can pair it with a round neck blouse with a cardigan and leather boots, and you’re autumn-ready.

2. Astarte - High-waist Plaid Accordion Pleat Mini Skirt

High-waist accordion pleat miniskirts are good if you want to accentuate your hourglass figure. They are also flowier than a usual pleated mini skirt, making it more comfortable, especially if you need to move more freely. We recommend you this bottom if you’re looking for an excellent casual mini skirt that you can easily pair with oversized shirts, sweaters, and blouses. You can only choose from two colours: black and khaki.

3. Lady Jean - Pleated Mini A-Line Skirt

The autumn season can be full of various gatherings ranging from casual to formal ones. This a-line mini skirt is made with 100% polyester and can work perfectly well on a semi-casual conference and even in a business setting, as long as you style it right. If you use it in a more formal setting, you might want to use it with a trench coat or something around that style and below-knee boots. This skirt is also only available in two colours: black and khaki.

4. Malnia Home - Cow Print Pleated Mini A-Line Skirt

Animal prints went out of style a few years ago, but this 2021, a massive comeback will happen, and you don’t want to miss it. This cow print pleated mini skirt is perfect for this autumn fashion, but you can still stay trendy all year long with this. You can partner it with plain-coloured long-sleeves or short-sleeves, and you will look amazing. Finish your outfit with your favourite boots or flats, and you’re perfect!

5. HotBlock - Lace-Up Pleated A-Line Skirt

Maybe it is now the time to give a little twist to your plain old pleated mini skirt. This skirt comes with a lace-up side seam and inset shorts. It is made with 95% cotton and is available in six colours. While the lace-up style gives you a more stylish outfit, the inset shorts protect you from an embarrassing situation, such as your skirt flying upwards. This lace-up skirt is a perfect casual bottom that can be paired with your favourite sweater, hoodie, and t-shirts. Tucking them in is the best way, but tucked-out tops will look as good, too. Your go-to sneakers and a bucket had will complete your look.

6. Lemongrass - High-Waist Pleated Mini Skirt

If you are looking for a heavy-duty failsafe mini skirt for all seasons, then this skirt is for you. This high-waist mini skirt comes with muted colours that you can easily mix and match with various outfit styles. It is also made with cotton blend fabric to ensure maximum comfort. This skirt style and colour will not easily go out of style, which means you’ll get worth more than what you will pay for.

Final Thoughts

Stop settling for your usual autumn skirts. As the social isolation measures slowly ease up, you have more reasons to look forward to this autumn 2021. Ensure you are ready with your gorgeous outfits as early as now, so you are unstoppable as soon as the autumn season starts! Give these pleated mini skirts a try, and you won’t regret it.