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 Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Meghan's Choix: the loungewear you will love to show

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Meghan's Choix

With more time spent in the comfort of our home, running many businesses or errands online, outwear has been ditched for cosier outfits. Meghan's Choix wants to show us there is still space for loungewear, people's favourite choice during the lockdown.

Loungewear is pure snugness but it can also turn into a pleasure that is 'legal' to show. Meghan's Choix collections of PJs and kimonos are made to be seen and enjoyed.

Lingerie, lounge and nightwear are global essentials that Meghan's Choix is upgrading to the next level. We have all been there, trying to conceal a nightshirt right before a ZOOM meeting or hiding a pyjama bottom away from our camera's radar. The UK brand thought it was due time to add fresh trends to our regular home staples. Meghan's Choix collections are comfortable and carefully handcrafted, most of all, they are exquisitely stylish.

About The Brand

Launched in 2017 in London, Meghan's Choix is a brand specialised in comfortable women's clothing. Its catalogue sees kimonos, nightwear, lingerie and loungewear to enjoy your time in complete relaxation. The collections share high quality and long-lasting craftsmanship, a superior comfort combined with style to feel confident and feminine in every situation.

Viv Pillai, founder of Meghan's Choix says: 'We want women to feel confident inside and outside. We believe fashion has the power to make us feel beautiful and comfortable and we hope Meghan’s Choix empowers all women to feel as such. We have put time and effort into our designs, to create a quality, stylish and long-lasting product.'

Meghan's Choix' loungewear suggests working from home with a relaxed state of mind. The lingerie comes in colours and patterns that will suit you and your idea of nightwear; while its PJs range has a jaunty and fresh personality. The kimonos, hand-printed on 100% pure cotton, are a piece of affordable luxury that can be worn anytime at home, thrown over your PJ or paired with your jeans for an effortless boho look.

Deborah St. Louis (director of Fashions Finest) says: 'A great lightweight well-made kimono, in subtle colours of pink, blue and yellow. I love that it's a one size fits all. It's versatile so you can wear it while lounging around the house, or even on the beach. I'm even thinking about teamed with a nice pair of skinny jeans. '

Do not feel guilty wearing your pyjama at home while at work. You can make the most of your Meghan's Choix loungewear and mix-matching it with your daily wardrobe. You will be pleasantly surprised. Start mixing your clothing with a free Meghan's Choix kimono with every order. Visit the website to know more. 

Find and connect with Meghan's Choix on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

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