Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Find hope in Solis, the positive clothing brand

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People can feel so incredibly connected these days but loneliness is always lurking around. To bring sunshine to the darkness of depression, Justin Proud created Solis, a meaningful clothing brand.

Inspired by his journey through depression, Justin Proud has recently launched Solis, a clothing label to inspire people and give a ray of hope to many.

Behind The Idea

Justin noticed how everything is about 'tribes'. This buzzword is everywhere; it echoes in adverts and daily life, inspiring people to get together and create a community. However, most of the time, this word feels empty and many of us ends up lonely, lost and without a way to escape.

Back in 2017, WHO reckoned that 300 million people were experiencing depression worldwide. Since the start of the pandemic, the attention towards mental health has drastically increased and it is estimated the number of cases will sadly double. 

About The Brand

Justin was suffering alone and realised that what he needed was 'hope'. He read and get informed during his gloomiest time and as he expanded his knowledge about the resilience and power of the human brain, he found a way to help others in a different medium. His idea was helping others 'navigate their way through their own depression journey while providing a creative and meaningful outlet' for what he was experiencing.

Depression manifests itself in two ways: it makes people feel alone and deprive people of their hope for a better future. Justin wanted to address both. Here is how and why Solis was born.

Solis is a fresh clothing brand that conveys a positive message filled with hope. Solis is a wearable reminder that nobody is lovely and each t-shirt features a motivational design that becomes personal to the wearer. Solis want to inspire people to consider depression as a journey and not a sad final destination. The meaning of Solis goes beyond who chooses to wear it: from the sale of each t-shirt, £5 are donated to Samaritans to support the charity replying to people's call for help.

Justin Proud, founder of Solis, says: 'I’m asking you to become part of our tribe. But this time it’s different…'

Find Solis t-shirts online and share the hope.