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Lemuel MC, the sustainable beauty of linen

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Lemuel MC

A cool breeze on bare skin in summer, a warm hug in winter. Linen is the fabric chosen by Marta Cernovskaja for her brand Lemuel MC with sustainability and transparency at its core.

Strength and lightness, sustainability and high-wearability make linen Lemuel MC's preferred material to work into timeless garments.

A profound love for people and the environment, combined with strong integrity fuels Marta Cernovskaja's label, Lemuel MC. Lemuel MC represented a jump toward the known and the many risks and rewards of self-entrepreneurship that love made possible.

The Story

Marta Cernovskaja, a textile graduate born in Siberia, spent her life in Lithuania before studying in Brighton. Made redundant at her luxury workplace due to a chronic skin condition in 2015, the loving support of her partner convinced her to do the big step.

About Lemuel MC And The Beauty Of Linen

Lemuel MC is the concentrate of Marta's passion for textile design and the environment. A caring connection with Nature is materialised in Marta's linen garments. This ancient fabric, her favourite and personal choice. is not as obvious. Lemuel MC is based in Southeast London and applies a circular way of production by using Lithuanian's deadstock linen fabric. Apparently raw and humble, linen is more sustainable than cotton, requiring less attention and less water to be cultivated. Linen is more durable than cotton and, more importantly, it is more breathable, antibacterial and anti-allergic. Hence, clothing made of fabric is suitable for people with sensitivity or skin allergies.

Marta thinks that 'small is mighty', like many small and ethical businesses that represent not solely the future path of the industry but also the future of the planet for the sake of the environment.

The natural beauty of linen is emphasised by the texture of the weaving and the natural creases created as the fabric air dries. These material features make a romantic game of shadows in between the folds. Coats, hoodies, jumpsuits, shirts and dresses wear Marta's women with an innocent and timeless daintiness.

You can find more about Marta Cernovskaja's values and made-to-order creations online.