Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Sudi Etuz S/S22

Written by Işıl Kavaklı
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Can Sever

Sudi Etuz presented her SS22 collection as part of Fashion Week Istanbul which interprets the Legend of Anavarza rising from her hometown.

The story presents a panorama between the past and the present, between reality and simulation, by envisaging the Anavarza Castle, where the legend takes place, in today's Adana.

The film, which creates a kind of fusion with references to the historical places in the background and the urban life of Adana, deals with the elements of love and conflict in an epic form.


The collection consists of 35 pieces that come to life with tulle, sustainable denim fabrics, sustainable linen, and recycled polyester scallops, bearing the signature of Sudi Etuz. In the balance of white and black, pastel tones of blue, yellow and beige accompany the warmth of the season. Micro tops combined with different lacing techniques in bra form, acrylic bead detailed semi-­‐transparent denim trousers are combined with Güneş Dericioğlu's bags and accessories.

In the film, two fencers from the Hacettepe University Conservatory, who are theater actors, appear in the film as the ambassadors of respective kingdoms in various action scenes. Together with Huri Murphy, a dancer of the Istanbul Modern Dance Ensemble, who plays the king’s young beautiful daughter, we watch all the characters in various locations ranging from Anavarza Castle to Kazancılar Bazaar, from Atatürk Park to a romantic gondola scene on the Seyhan River. The major element that makes up the plot of the movie is that it constantly makes you feel like, the whole story takes place in a world of video games. We realize that the main character, which we are familiar with from the previous season film of Sudi Etuz, is an avatar and is looking for ways of escaping the game. From time to time with a winking narrative of magical realism, Sudi Etuz prepares all sides of love and war for the big duel stage with the audience.