Monday, 18 October 2021

C'RIBBE, sustainable casual wear for Caribbean lovers

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C’RIBBE (read [ker-rib-be]) is the creation of James Douglas, the founder. The name is inspired by the Caribbean which is at the very core of the brand.

Not another street and casual wear label with no real purpose or identity! C’RIBBE was born with a clear vision and a special place in its heart.

About The Company & Sustainability

James’s vision is to create a brand with its focus on the Caribbean. All creative inspiration, art and design derive from the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, textures, and colours of the various cultures and vibrance that is synonymous with the Caribbean. C’RIBBE is keen to give you the very best high-quality and finest garments. The designing team has spent considerable time sourcing the best products and partners that adhere to the garment industry’s stringent environmental standards, meaning that C'RIBBE clothing is produced and decorated in the most responsible, ethical and sustainable way. The brand strives to pursue new technologies in the coming future to make improvements along the way, ensuring C'RIBBE takes part in preserving our planet for generations.

Sadly, C’RIBBE clothing is not for everyone, sorry! So if this is the case, then who was C’RIBBE created for, and who will want to wear it? C’RIBBE’s designs speak for themselves and speak to you too. As one of the T-shirts suggests, C’RIBBE clothing is for ANYONE who loves the Caribbean. C’RIBBE garments are actually not only for actual connoisseurs but for anyone who loves bright and colourful clothes with bold prints, and for anyone who wants to 'embrace the vibrant' and look great!

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