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BLUE M Collection - La Chafrave

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Launching a fashion label does not feel complete without a public presentation; this has been the reality for many in the industry during the pandemic. The time to resume is now. After the standby forced by the pandemic, BLEU M can finally present its inaugural fashion show, 'La Chafrave'.

One year after its launch, French slow fashion brand BLEU M can showcase its first collection with a tripartite show called 'La Chafrave'.

About The Brand

Launched in 2020 by Léoma Blanc and Sophie Elmosnino, BLEU M revisits the classic forms of men's fashion: a basic wardrobe sublimated by the idea of reversibility and the freedom of association of materials.

Breaking down the name is rather interesting; it unveils the personality of the French house. BLEU is a reference to the Bleu de Travail - the French workers' uniform - and the M stands for the city of Montreuil, the brand's birthplace, where cultures and social classes collide. The integration and the mixture of opposite universes build its identity.

About 'La Chafavre'

'This fashion show was very symbolic for us, it was the first time we could show our work to the public since the launch of the brand and COVID. Since the beginning, we have evolved a lot in our way of conceiving the garment, imagining it and we have made a lot of encounters and creative collaborations that we wanted to put forward. The most exciting part was the styling, as we decided to mix old pieces with new ones to create fresh looks.' – BLEU M

The first-ever BLEU M showcase saw 25 looks divided into 3 capsule collections:

  • The first capsule collection designer by the BLEU M duo is called L'atelier. It featured recycled pieces from the transformation of second-hand clothing and collaborations with painters.
  • The second collection, Le Showroom, was a nod to the brand's first steps in the Paris fashion universe as recalled by the founder designers - 'These are the different looks we presented digitally for our first fashion week (June 2021). This capsule was the most intense, it is the symbol of a real first creative liberation for us. It was very important to finally be able to present it to the public.'
  • The third collection, Le Défilé, was composed of 9 looks that went back to the essentials of BLEU M: unique, reversible pieces and colourful patchwork. Some of the silhouettes were designed with the artistic duo Atelier ATE. The final collection was a wink to the bride of the traditional fashion shows, a feminine capsule wardrobe.

The clothes, as well as these collections, are developed and conceptualised in the workshops in the area '93'. This number is not as cryptic as it may first sound. 93 is 93rd department, the area of Seine-Saint-Denis in the Île-de-France where the city of Montreuil is located. BLEU M is very proud of its hometown and this number underlines the core concept of locally made. Each collection includes unique pieces made from upcycled clothing and materials. The garments are designed with exceptional modelism and shaped according to the tailoring know-how while standing for an ethical and social approach to making fashion.

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