Thursday, 09 December 2021

Lola's Lashes Hybrid Magnetic Lashes & Liner, beyond innovation

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Lola's Lashes

When we thought we have seen everything in the beauty sphere, Lola's Lashes take the innovation a step further with its brand new hybrid magnetic liner and lashes.

Double-hold and always 100% vegan and cruelty-free, Lola's Lashes freshest launch goes beyond our imagination. Magnetic lashes are now 'hybrid'.

Lola's Lashes is a game-changer in false lash application with its cruelty-free and vegan kits. The lash expert brand takes the innovative magnetic system to a brand new level for ease of use and a stronger, safer hold.

About The Product

The secret of Lola's Lashes Hybrid Magnetic Lashes kits is in its liner. Forget sticky adhesive and eyeliner glue pens, Lola's Lashes Hybrid Magnetic Liner (£20) is the key for a faster and stronger hold that fear no wind, water or time. The Hybrid Magnetic Liner combines the power of traditional false lashes glue and the magic of magnetic adhesives in one easy-to-use liquid liner. The formula ensures a quick, safer and double-strength hold with a super-fast drying time. The newest liner is cruelty-free and vegan, no-toxic and latex-free, as well as compatible with both magnetic and regular false lashes strips.

  • 93% of testers found the new hybrid system easier to use
  • 91.5% would recommend it to their friends.

Lola's Lashes kits mimic mink fur to perfection thanks to synthetic silk and bio faux mink fur. These gorgeous lashes are reusable, lightweight and suitable for vegans. The newest Hybrid Magnetic Kits (£35) includes all the tools you need to perfect your eye game: magnetic lashes, Hybrid Magnetic Liner and Touch-up Pen.

Available online in 13 different styles, Lola's Lashes Hybrid Lashes Kits make a perfect Christmas gift for every makeup lover... in a blink of an eye!