Friday, 28 January 2022

Reborn, Juana Martín S/S22 Haute Couture Collection

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Ph. Juana Martín

The famous designer from Cordoba comes back to the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris with a proposal that invites us to get excited about spring, again.

Spring is the rebirth of nature. Reborn is the fresh comeback of designer Juana Martín to the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

Juana Martín's signature is synonymous with elegance and strength, and her creations have visited the most important catwalks. The designer has just returned to Paris with Reborn, a collection that shows her most daring and resilient side, without neglecting her more flamenco roots.

About The Collection

Inspired by spring, Reborn is a parallelism with the force that nature has to come back to life every year. Elaborate fabrics, embroidered silk organza cut with a wiring system to create flowers magically sprouting from the garments: nature is in full explosion.

"As a fighter and optimistic woman, I wanted this collection to be a tribute to the ability that we are having as a society to adapt to the uncertainty in which we navigate”, says Juana Martín.

The designs have unmistakable firmness: extra-large volumes in organza, guipure and lace, all in black, white and beige. Her strong touch is the use of black and silver studs like flamenco polka dot but in a more glam and rocker version.

As seen on the show, the Reborn looks are complemented by five models by VOA Collective, the high-end eyewear brand that stands out for its avant-garde designs, made exclusively by artisans in Japan.

The designer has presented her creations eightieth times at the City of Light and fourth during the Haute Couture Week in Paris. Juana  Martín reaffirms herself as one of the most important Spanish names on the international fashion scene, both for her renowned style and ability to work with unique fabrics and extreme structures.

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