Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Stepping into Vegan Footwear? The V.GAN way

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Whether you started the year with Veganuary and want to get fully into veganism or you just want to find an animal-friendly alternative for your shoes, V.GAN could be the way.

V.GAN is moved by passion and strong commitments toward a goal: making animal-friendly shoes and boots that are kind to animals, people and the planet.

V.GAN, About The Brand

This footwear brand could be young but works with clear ethics. V.GAN launched in 2018 and it has established itself worldwide, including the States, Canada and Australia, with its range of PETA-approved boots and shoes for men, women and kids.

Eco and Ethical

Aesthetics and quality are paired with ethics in the choice of materials, the brand's relationship with the environment and its role in people's lives.

V.GAN take into consideration the impact any brand has on the environment; it believes that "any goal of sustainable development and production is to meet the needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow". For this reason, the company does not simply opt for vegan leather but it also sources eco-friendly materials; it banned plastic and glue from its recycled packaging, and it uses fabrics made from oceanic waste. And to complete the circle of care, V.GAN also makes sure its employers work in safe conditions and are protected by law.

Vegan boots and shoes are not just for vegans but they can be the first step toward a kinder and cleaner future.

Discover V.GAN and its range of vegan shoes online.