Tuesday, 22 February 2022

ApuJan's A/W22 Collection: The Ballad Of A Story Keeper

Written by Shery Lunardi
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Ph. ApuJan

ApuJan's A/W 2022 digital show sees the special performance of the well-known Asian actresses, Alice Tzeng (Tseng Kai-Hsuan), Dewi Chien (Jian Ting Rui), Josie Lin (Lin Ai Hsuan), the famous band member Kay Liu (Liu, Jia-kai), and the rising star, Lin Xiang, and the music production of DJ Question Mark.

The Ballad Of A Story Keeper is the sequel collection of APUJAN’s homage to the sci-fi world, those of The Wizard of OZ and Alice in Wonderland, to the fantasy stories and the many literary allusions from the previous collections.

Well known for using literary allusions, Apu Jan reinterpreted the codes of a modern fairy tale and created through the collection the storytelling about APUJAN’s fantasy imaginary: another story about dreams, about community information, and about the overhead world.

About APUJAN's Show

Apu Jan, fantasy images and the passage of time, as the themes in each of his shows, continue to tell stories in the form of digital images in the year of the epidemic. 

This season recounts the adventure of an agent who travels to the sealed world through a book and brings back the truth from its world. The fashion show is a representation of this story, through the eyes of the agent who broke into the other world, where the audience is not only watching the film but becomes part of it.

About APUJAN's Collection

Leading actors of the film are the garments, Apu Jan launches a large number of dresses with both sci-fi and traditional Oriental costume elements at the show to echo the story scene in the film. 

The collection presents extensive fabric development by APUJAN himself, digital embroideries, semi-translucent jacquard fabric, jersey knitted jacquard and digital prints, in combination with fantasy-style accessories made from 3D printing and precious metals. 

Unique distinctive details such as the large playing cards, rhombus, spaceships, planets, keys, puzzles, chess, and dinosaur heads are showcased all over dresses, coats, shirts, suits, cardigans, and knitted pants.
Apu Jan – who likes to study history and literature – has always combined elements of traditional Oriental clothing with Western fashion style as his inspiration for his design. 

Furthermore, Apu Jan uses a lot of fabric technology in designing his fashion pieces and develops a variety of different jacquard fabrics, computer sewing, automatic knitting machines, and custom development of bottom and labels in every season. He has very well manipulated a variety of fabric techniques to complete all his collections.
Find out more about ApuJan and see the additional pieces from his A/W22 collection.