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 Tuesday, 01 March 2022

Oqliq A/W 2022 Collection: “Spacetime”

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OqLiq's design philosophy is to create high-end performance fashion made with high-quality fabrics which strongly emphasizes functional simplicity. The Taiwanese based brand has gained much deserved global attention over the past decade and this year it showcased its collection at London Fashion week.

OqLiq makes a remarkable return to London Fashion week with a cinematic and abstract digital showcase.

About The Collection

To mark the special occasion, that is London Fashion week, OqLiq takes the audience on a journey into a futuristic and imaginative world showcasing its AW collection. Each piece of clothing is inspired by the fundamentals of Taoism, that values harmony and unity, combined with the East Asian aesthetics. The result is their stylish and functional new collection, where each element has its specific purpose and creates the multifunctionality of the garment. To provide a complete, quality urban outdoor clothing line, the design team emphasises technical design and innovative materials along with minimalist utilitarian features.

Presenting The Collection

The audience is immediately pulled into the world of OqLiq’ with the beginning of the movie, where a viewer’s point of view is represented through the emerging spherical camera. The main theme in the video is the landscape of the digital world, with its infinite deserts and towering cityscapes, and despite that the colour palette consists of mostly earthly shades. Going back to the importance of representing their culture we notice the four heavenly kings. At first they appear as statues but with time they transform into humans, hence the main message of the collection. This transformation represents the constant attempt of humankind to make peace in an uncertain world, and how kindness can bring people together.

What Is The Collection Made Of?

OQLiq's latest collection features a lightweight fabric made from oyster shells and recycled plastic bottles. After that the fabric is put together with insulation layers through a high pressure sealing process. This maximises the comfort of the garment by minimising stitching and keeping the heat trapped between garment and the wearer. In Oqliq's process, the fabric comes first - from there, Kay and Orbit, the founders and designer, build each design into a high quality garment with a real purpose for the everyday customers.

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