Thursday, 03 March 2022

Famale A Lifestyle Brand For Gen Z

Written by Georgie Sussman
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Marcus Oliver Obert

Founded by Petra Famlerova, FAMALE is a brand she has created to spread a message to the world. Whether it is social, political or environmental issues, inspiration always originates with humanity and its flaws. A strong visual message is communicated through prints and knits, expressing the wearer's values and personality.

A brand with a social cause addressing the problems in the world that is all FAMALE stands for.


The name FAMALE is a universal reference to both male and female, as the clothing can be worn by either sex. The name also means family, which means that you should feel like you are part of it. The name also carries an element of the designer's surname, which in turn signifies her legacy.

More About FAMALE Collections:


FML/Fashion Weak

This collection was inspired by misfits, by outsiders who do not fit into the system and go against “the norm”. It represents my personal experience in the fashion world since I started my brand. The clothes are my visual reinterpretation of what I see around me in the streets of Bratislava. The wordplay “fashion weak” invites you to reevaluate your perception of fashion. 

Such A Waste

The theme of the collection “Rethink me” was part of Fresh Fashion Contest. The task was to re-evaluate oneself and one's own identity, to show something innovative and, of course, sustainable. I made the collection from fabrics from my previous collections. They represent my design DNA. Each piece in the collection is unique, because I mostly use deadstock material. The knitwear pieces were made in the Czech republic and the collection was manufactured in Slovakia to support local and ethical production. 

Are You Even Real

The first source of inspiration came from Orwell's 1984 book, after which I realised its timelessness. I think that the Soviet history of our country is visible in my work, let's call it "post-soviet nostalgia". Another theme is our society's faith in the system that we have built. Control of today's world with data and constant supervision. We lose privacy and maybe the core of our identity. A similar concept is addressed in the Black mirror and Westworld series, the documentary Social Dilemma, and the Matrix trilogy. The majority of fabrics are deadstock fabrics from old factories in the Czech republic. The knitwear pieces were made in the Czech republic and the prints were created during my final year at school. The whole collection was manufactured in Slovakia.

Boys Do Cry Collection

The theme of this collection is toxic masculinity and the stereotypes about men in society. The aim of this collection was to explore how a societal issue, in this case, the perception of men, can be translated into a menswear collection supporting the emotional side of men. The topic of masculinity in society and the stereotype of how men should behave and look has a huge connection to fashion and clothing. The collection itself resulted in a masculine shape but breaking the comfort zone of men with floral motives, glitter, more feminine and soft colours.

Famale the brand that stands for social casue