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AMATOSTYLE – Timeless Craftsman

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Amato Style is a timeless model of inspiration, innovation, and consummate craftsmanship. The New York area based businesses chews conventional minimalistic jewellery traditions in favour of expressive, cool, and on-trend pieces.

Nicole Amato creates jewellery that plays with proportion and scale which can be the perfect complement to any outfit and on any occasion.

Each piece is handcrafted and/or hand-finished intended to aid people in their expression of personal individuality, as powerful tools to use in defining his or her personal message through their signature style.

Nicole Amato is committed to local manufacturing; her pieces are made in the New York Metropolitan Area, working with local artisans and vendors to support small businesses that source their wonderful materials from all around the world. A focus on fine materials and the production of quality timeless pieces, are at the heart of this brand. Amato calls upon a more traditional, enduring approach to fashion, looking away from the fast-fashion habits of recent years in an effort to prevent the ongoing and needless waste in fashion and thus, help to protect our beautiful "Mother Earth."

Nicole Amato is the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Amato style. Nicole's strong belief in the power of one’s inner sense of confidence and individualism consistently inspires all aspects of her business.

Passionate about the freedom of expression we as individuals have in our daily life, Ms. Amato has created a business message which encourages women to feel confident to make their own statement to the world. As such, she has personally designed and created multiple collections of high-end luxury accessories, offering something for every woman.

Her personal aim at Amato style is for her distinctive accessories to aid in a woman's ability to add that certain level of flair and individuality, necessary to feel and express her autonomy and confidence as she wishes. "Your personal style is a prime opportunity to express who you are and that is your exclusive message to tell," says Amato.

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