Monday, 21 March 2022

How to fall in love again with your spring wardrobe, realistically speaking

Written by Millie Rich
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Believe it or not, but right now, all the Parisians are placing their winter staples away in storage and selecting their spring capsule wardrobe for the brighter days ahead.

An essential guide to giving your wardrobe that well-deserved refresh this Spring.

As any french femme or garçon will tell you, style and taste initially starts with a process. Choosing one item might involve going home and thinking it over before rush buying. Assessing if the item will look as good 10 years later, how well it will launder over time, and if the piece harmonises with their colour palette. Should the item pass the test, it stays with the buyer for life.

Pinning down the technique of dressing timelessly, as each season enters, clearly calls for a series of disciplined moves.

But with busy schedules and trends changing, decluttering your wardrobe can feel as emotionally taxing as a break up. But like every relationship, we express ourselves through our style and quoting Mary Kondo, the question that answers all is “do you feel joy?”

Falling In Love Again - The Antidote To Decision Fatigue

How can you know if you have something long term in your wardrobe? Just like any hopeless romantic, you need help.

We share Toby Standing’s essential guide, who works at the UK's leading fashion marketplace Thread, on the most practical way to start your spring cleanse at your own pace.

Only Got A Minute?

Grab a pair of shoes that need reheeling or a dress that needs mending and put it by the front door. That way, you’ll remember to go to the tailor or cobbler for repairs. It’s also one less unwearable item taking up space in your wardrobe.

If You’ve Got 10 Minutes

Rotate your clothes so that when you open your wardrobe, you only see things that you can wear right now. That means packing away shorts and your heaviest coats (in vacuum storage bags, if you need to save space). Not only will you protect your woollens from moths, but you’ll have a much clearer idea of what’s seasonally appropriate too.

If You Have 1 Hour

Tackle the laundry. No, we don’t mean just the items that you chuck into the laundry basket on a weekly basis. This hour is the time to bring out any cashmere jumpers that need hand-washing, or items that need taking to the dry cleaners. You might find that you’ve actively avoided wearing any things that require special cleaning, in which case, consider if you really need to keep it.

If You Have 1 Day

This is the time to bring out everything from your wardrobe, your chest of drawers, and even that indiscriminate pile of clothes you keep beside your bed. Next, divide everything into four piles: keep, mend, bin, and get rid.

Be ruthless. Do you really need five blue t-shirts? Can that ratty vest be turned into cleaning rags instead? What about that jumpsuit that’s too tight – will you really fit back into it, or is it time to let go?

Anything that’s in the 'keep' pile should be hung back up or folded neatly and put away. Anything you’ve earmarked to be mended needs to go in a bag so you can easily take it to the tailor. Add a reminder on your phone or wall calendar if you need to, just don’t let it linger around.

After that, it’s up to you whether you resell or donate the rest. Reselling on sites like eBay or Depop can be rewarding, but the time and effort involved in taking photographs and then going to the post office can put some people off. If there are some valuable, luxury items in there, you could try a service like Cudoni, which collects your items from you and sells on your behalf.

As for charities, if you don’t have a car to drive your things to the nearest drop-off box or charity shop, try Gone For Good, which will come and collect.

A great guide we have already implemented here at Fashions Finest and wanted to share with our readers.

We understand all too well how detrimental the illness of fast fashion has had on our planet, wallet and mental health. It is our aim to spotlight this practically, so we can enjoy what we have, time and time again, and elevate a satisfying expression of individual style that runs full circle.

With the majority of high street clothing designed to move us to emotionally lose interest in our current clothes, we buy more. The industry is so successful that our wardrobes are full, but we have nothing to wear.

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