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 Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Are men interested in sustainability?

Written by Joan Calabia
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Abhishek Gaurav

It might surprise you to know that men are just as interested in sustainability, as any other gender-identifying individual.

Getting out some big statistics, one survey revealed that a whopping 95% of men say they’ve made at least one change in their lifestyle in the past five years to support sustainability.

If sustainable fashion is on the rise, what can help you implement at least one change in your pursuit to support slower consumption?

Within men’s fashion alone, 53% of men are preferring to shop sustainable fashion brands over just 47% of women. This surprised us too and says a lot on how men shop for their fashion needs.

In less than 5 minutes, we share some methods on what some brands are doing right now that can help you implement at least one change in your pursuit to support slower consumption and give you a little more confidence that you’re on the right track if you're already doing so.

Different Types Of Sustainable Practices In Fashion

There are a number of sustainable practices that fashion houses and brands are adopting in order to be more conscious of the environment.

Circular Material Flow

This fashion approach leads with the idea of a closed-loop system. In other words, fashion items would circulate within an economic system rather than just being disposed of. It encourages fashion brands to recycle and reuse the waste to make something new from it.

Production And Packaging

A lot of fashion brands are making various changes to the way they produce and package their fashion. For example, manufacturers are finding more sustainable ways of distributing to save on carbon emissions.

For packing, a lot of brands are turning to plastic-free solutions. Examples of this are 100% paper packaging including those biodegradable packing peanuts.

Working With Local And Fair Trade Organisations

Many local, national and international organisations exist that ensure fair and ethical sourcing of fashion happens. Many brands do work with fairtrade companies that pay their staff fairly and source the materials and supplies needed in the most ethical way.

With businesses also working with locally sourced suppliers and materials, it means better quality products and resource-saving in terms of the production efforts needed to distribute from one place to another.
Waste reduction

Waste reduction is a big thing that more of society is trying to achieve not just in men’s fashion but across the board. With fashion, fast-fashion is one trend that is being heavily critised for it’s waste and so many brands are working sustainably by reducing the waste they create as a business.

How Different Brands Produce Their Value

There are plenty of different brands who are being sustainable and providing their own contributions to helping remain sustainable.

H&M for example, have a recycle scheme where you get £5 for every bag of clothes you recycle back to the business. This has been a global rollout that has helped saved many clothing items from the landfill and instead, recycled into something new.

Dockers has a great sustainable approach to their clothing with designers finding new ways to provide fashion responsibly. They help save water or recycle fibers to lead as one the brands determined to make a change that inspires others.

Organic Basics is another brand that is sourcing its materials organically and within a sustainable manner. For all your basic clothing like underwear to beanies, this brand is the place to shop at.

With all this being said, how fast is the sustainable fashion industry growing? Whilst there are some brands making an active difference to sustainability, there are still some that are wasteful in their resources and could do miles better than they currently are doing so.

However, if the question is, is sustainable fashion on the rise? Yes, it is and it could be that in the future, every business must provide a certain level of sustainability to help protect our environment.

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