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 Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Debut “Zero-Point” Sustainable Print Collection

Written by Hebe Street
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The origin of an ornate print requires a visionary and lover of art to make it special. Design Blender Founder Alexa Papavasileiou takes sustainable methods of upcycling pieces and captivating patterns to create something conscious and sharply modern with her debut collection.

How prints play a central role to your look with levels of florals and graphic stripes

Passionate about sustainability and empowering women, Alexa launches the DesignBlender atelier in spring 2020. Born from the desire to introduce new design paradigms into luxury fashion that combine her experience and nurture sustainability, DesignBlender playfully intermixes new and old materials into an opulent escapist aesthetic.

Alexa Papavasileiou, born in Athens-Greece, cultivated a passion for the arts since she was a child. Commencing her career in Paris she developed the know-how of the fashion craft training at the maisons of Giambattista Valli, LANVIN and Chloe. Moving to London in 2015 Alexa has been working as a fashion designer and consultant exploring further pathways of textiles and print.

DesignBlender launches its debut collection inspired by the idea of ‘Zero- Point’ energy, a terminology in Quantum mechanics used to describe a system generating the lowest possible energy. Interpreted through a sustainable lense, this collection proposes a series of quintessential looks for every woman’s wardrobe.

Glamorous women who exude a disarming elegant charm, extravagance and authenticity all in one blow. Drawing from the elegance and accentuated opulence of the 1980s couture era, this collection celebrates glamour, eccentricity and sensuality. The powerful stills of Guy Bourdin emanate a ‘devil may care’ attitude of modern indulgence and set the mood for an escapist ambience. The DesignBlender woman curates a meaningful life of experiences that reflect her eclectic taste. She is eco-conscious and loves to dress for pleasure. She stands out for her original style, nobility and immaculate elegance.

Fluid sculptural volumes of drapery highlight a soft feminine silhouette. Print plays a central role with intricate collages of florals and graphic stripes. A double breasted cotton dress is a must have with an hourglass silhouette and jewelled buttons. Extravagant style details of upcycled trims, reworked embroideries and pearls express the distinctive melange flair of seasonless upcycled pieces to be cherished and passed on. A pair of harem pants reworked into a show stopping feather dress, a draped taffeta bustier top that elegantly knots around the figure and a reinvented man’s tuxedo shirt are some of the key looks of this collection.

Vibrant splashes of pink, lilac, lime green and turquoise are equally balanced with a natural palette of ivory and black. The fabrics used are upcycled, limited edition or certified sustainable: rare upholstery, vintage lace inserts and whimsical British 60s cotton.

'At DesignBlender, the idea of merging the old and the new into hybrid pieces of clothing is a key driver in my work; to reinvent clothes and preserve the search of fashion for newness.’ - Alexa Papavasileiou

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