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 Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Plus-Sized Fashion For Men: 6 Tips And Tricks To Look Your Best

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Drake S Takes

Plus-sized men don't get much of a shout-out in the fashion world, which can be tough because many people, regardless of their gender or size, want to look good and dress well.

The campaign for body positivity is fantastic, but there are still not as many fashioned tips for those who shop XL and over.

Dressing well can help make a person look more attractive physically, but it can also affect how they feel. You might even notice how people stand taller and prouder when wearing a stunning outfit. And even plus sized men want to feel and look good, and with the following tips and tricks, it's easily achievable.

Even With Undergarments, Dress Well

When dressing well, it's not just about the outer garments. It's also about the undergarments from your undershirt, underwear, and socks. Throw away old, damaged, and stained undergarments so that you can be confident every time with every piece of clothing you put on.
You don't have to wear silk boxers at all times, but having high-quality fabric and tailored underwear and undershirts is a way to pamper and perform self-care. Throw in Tall Order novelty socks from time to time if you want to be cheeky and fun since it's a fantastic peek-a-boo and pop of colour for a monochrome outfit.

Get Fitted Properly

Getting your clothes fitted isn't just a style tip given to plus-sized individuals; it's important regardless of your size. It might seem unbelievable, but even if a person is slim and trim, their body shape will still require tailored clothes to fit and complement their shape in a flattering way. Otherwise, some clothes can look drab and messy looking.

For plus-sized individuals, a poor fit can accentuate parts of your body that you don't want to be emphasized. For instance, if you get pants that are too small, they can look too tight and strained, and most of all, it's uncomfortable. And this is something you want to avoid if you want to feel comfortable in your body.

If you want to look fantastic, from top to bottom, get fitted properly. Don't just settle for getting decent-sized shirts or trousers. Get a tailor to fit it for you properly, and you'll see a huge difference.

Avoid Too Many Colours And Large Patterns For Your Main Pieces

Too many colours that clash might be something you can appreciate in high or editorial fashion, but it's not something that looks great as an everyday outfit. But for anyone plus-sized, too many colours will just accentuate size. Instead, you could opt for solid or darker shades or even neutral tones, which can help an outfit look more luxe and stylish.

Moreover, large patterns are generally best avoided, although wearing patterns with smaller prints would be fantastic. Just make sure that you don't wear different designs for the various pieces of your outfit.

Start Layering With Structured Fabric

The next tip is to start layering since this can help slim down and help with the overall shape. Use pieces like knitted cardigans, overshirts, and structured jackets to look more trim, structured, and less bulky. However, you'll also want to avoid inner shirts made from thick fabric to keep them from clinging to the body.

Find Right Fitting Tapered Trousers

When it comes to bottoms, the best cut to get is tapered trousers. Avoid skinny jeans, although it might seem like the way to go if you want to look slimmer. This is because it will look ill-fitting and disproportionate. Instead, go for tapered trousers because this can give a comfortable fit and give the right shape that's more appropriate for the individual's body shape.

Follow Plus-Sized Style Icons

Another way to find outfit ideas that would look great on you is to follow other plus-sized celebrities and influencers. Seeing more plus-sized people you can relate to and feel inspired by in your social media feed is a great way to boost self-confidence. This way, instead of comparing differences in body, you could simply compare the difference in how you dress. After that, you could try out some of these outfit ideas yourself and see how you like them.

As an additional tip, look for plus-sized fashion accounts that have links to the stores and clothing pieces that interest you. You could easily find the exact outfit and order them in a few clicks.


There are different ways for plus-sized individuals to dress, look, and feel better. But in the end, exuding self-confidence by loving, caring, and respecting yourself is probably the best way to do this. But a fantastic jacket or a properly fitting pair of pants won't hurt either.

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