Monday, 25 April 2022

The Lazy Bear Foldable Backpack Review

Written by Natalie Fenning
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TrendHim online accessories are getting pretty excited about one of their brand partners. Lazy Bear. The Brand is Danish, modern and apparently functional, so we wondered about their latest foldable backpack.

Without compromising the structure, or your suitcase capacity. Hoorah! The foldable backpack lands its first review with Fashions Finest.

They say “One bag. One million adventures.”

Apart from the remarkably high levels of enthusiasm to market a backpack to withstand a million trips, as if we all have the time and money to travel one million adventures before we die, we get the gist. It’s a bag for life, built for the modern backpacker exploring the black pine forests and the lakes we see on Bing.

Optimism aside, this product has a nice little perk offering more than a typical backpack that is built for the European market.

The entire backpack can be folded and stuffed inside the inner pocket. Think Pac-A-mac but a rucksack slim enough to throw in your luggage. Without compromising the structure, or your suitcase capacity. Hoorah! You can unfold the rucksack at your destination and get going.

Let the maths do the talking, the foldable backpack is the smart way to travel.

Folded: 10 1/4" x 10 7/16" x 1 3/16"
Unfolded: 12 3/16" x 5 5/16" x 17 15/16"

When you’ve got your backpack in your hands, and you’re on the move, you’ll notice the body of this black backpack is water-resistant. Lazy Bear was clearly covering the needs for all of your outdoor sports and activities should you fall in a raging torrent or get caught in unpredictable storms.

Delving into functionality, which is where it all counts in the eyes of mens accessories reviewers, being, ease of use, we liked the storage compartment layout.

The main compartment is deep enough to hold your stuff and the outer zipped pocket is perfect for tickets, face masks, flare guns and all that you envision you need to grab quickly.

This bag is thankfully lightweight too, so your luggage allowance is minimally affected. Finally, when it comes to men's accessories, adjustable sizing shows how well the brand knows its audience. We're happy to say, that if you’re a big guy or a trim traveller, the adjustable straps meet each dimension and if you order online in less than one hour and 50 minutes they can dispatch your order same day.

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