Wednesday, 27 April 2022

The role model of sustainable fashion - The Infinite Tee

Written by Dimana Boshnakova
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Infinite Tee

Science and fashion are two completely different worlds yet they always find their way to each other. Living in a world where battling climate change is at the forefront of most organisations, fashion has been known to take major steps in reducing its carbon footprint.

The role of science here is to help find innovative ways to still create the beautiful garments we all want but with great care for the environment and the waste we leave behind. Two big names in that area are Pangaia and Infinited Fiber, whose collaboration is set to change the world of sustainable fashion.

Pangaia transforms textile waste and creates the world’s first shirts made entirely with Infinna™.

Sustainable fashion has proven to carry many challenges with it. But instead of searing away from it, more and more designers are getting inspired. Taking on a challenge so big unleashes the most creative ideas. It makes them create stunning garments that are also good for the environment. A recent collaboration between Pangaia, material science innovator, and Infinna, a newly developed fabric made from textile waste, is set to redefine sustainable fashion. Together they will introduce the world’s first shirt made 100% from Infinna™

What is Infinna™ ?

Infinna™ is a superfiber making circular fashion a dream come true. The material is derived from cotton-rich textile waste that is broken down at a molecular level, releasing the cellulose in the cotton, which is then reborn as new fibre. Infinna is made from the same building block as plants, cellulose, which makes it 100% biodegradable and allows the biomes to be kept in circulation. Infinited Fiber key account director, Kirsi Terho, shares: “We dream of a future where ‘waste’ is not wasted but seen as the valuable resource it can be. Pangaia are really leading the way in exploring circular materials to replace virgin resources.” The ultimate goal of this technology is to make the way of circular fashion into our lives.

What is the Infinite Tee?

That is the world’s first world’s first shirt made from Infinna™. A black short and long sleeved shirt with the graphic “This is not just a T-shirt, it’s a piece of History”. The capsule demonstrates how by preserving textile waste from landfills and making textile circularity an everyday reality, and also showcasing how using 100 percent recycled fibres doesn't have to sacrifice on look or feel. The fibre is soft and versatile, and has the natural feel of cotton. It sounds like the future of fabric is developing right in front of our eyes. The research and development director of Pangaia, Craig Smith shares: “We are entering a new era of breakthrough innovations in circularity and this launch opens a doorway to the future of textile recycling.” The launch took place earlier this week only on Many people have taken on the idea of wearing a piece of history, so why not join the movement of circular fashion as well.

Products like this inspire us to make more environmentally conscious choices and admire ethical fashion brands and products. The world of sustainable fashion is full of glamorous and unique garments for everyone. From jewellery to footwear, it is important that we as customers make more conscious choices. If you want to take part in the sustainable fashion revolution you can explore plenty of small independent businesses and brands on 18th of June in London at our Sustainable Brands Popup & Networking event. The only way sustainable fashion can go forward is with a lot of support for all of us.