Thursday, 05 May 2022

The ultimate headband for long and short hair by Pretty Magpie

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Pretty Magpie

The trend of femmine headbands predominantly features long luscious locks incorporating hair extensions for that extra princess drama but what about short hair?

Fashions Finest reviews the Spring 22 Collection from luxury handcrafted hair accessory company Pretty Magpie.

We embrace independent suppliers of fashion and the padded glass rhinestone encrusted hair pieces in the Spring 22 Collection from Pretty Magpie really translates wearable luxury away from the highstreet. Offering unique, handcrafted pieces and bespoke styles for the crown you always envisioned on your iconic day.

Upon holding the headband, you can feel the sparkle from all angles with its depth of texture. Embellished with hundreds of glass rhinestones, each one is applied individually by hand, even the tiny ones! It's to no surprise the brand has become a popular choice for weddings and red carpet affairs.

The styles offered in the collection offer bold bright colours we have already seen mirrored amongst the Valentino pink collection and punk summer vibes but elegantly inverted as their own. The large cut rhinestones are delicately arranged to support structured shorter hairstyles. We recommend contrasting hair colours from platinum blondes to rapper queen pink hues and not to be underestimated worn with a cute pixie crop or sharp bob with poker straight bangs!

The prized longer lengths naturally adorn a crown such as made by Pretty Magpie in traditional princess measure but Fashions Finest reviews this collection as a breath of fresh air to see such translatable designs to suit business, bridal and so much more.

Be sure to browse through their glistening jewelled crowns before they sell out during summer prom season here

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