Friday, 06 May 2022

Timeless Swimwear and 3 Tips When Buying your Next Bikini

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Topaz Luxe

Swimwear, and we mean good swimwear isn’t cheap. Maybe it’s time to invest in a really good piece of kit. Especially if after tucking yourself in and pushing yourself up that bikini doesn’t reflect the juicy piece of fruit that you are.

Is it time to look at designers who specialise in swimwear? Brands like Topaz Luxe construct feminine shapes and classic chic you can rely on year after year. 

Finding Your Fit Really Is Everything

Remember the price tag is reflected in the shape and fit. The consequences of cheap high street knock offs certainly doesn’t secure a knock out look.

There are labels who have invested their own money into professionally sculpting pieces with real womens’ figures in mind. Just like lingerie, a true and flattering cut to fit the curvy and athletic silhouettes are designed to accentuate our best features.

Try ordering online and take your time with each fitting in the comfort of your own home to find what makes you feel good and itching to hit the beach. You might be left gasping in awe at the difference a good fit makes.

Be Realistic With Yourself

Many delay buying an expensive bikini in case their weight changes or plan to hit the gym but it's healthy to remember that it’s natural and inevitable that our figures will change due to stress, hormones and physical activity. Having an adjustable swimsuit might feel like a big ask if you want it to look good. But the brands such as Topaz Luxe are committed to design swimwear you can use for years to come, meticulously crafted for your body and mind to meet in the middle.

Choose Your Pool Purpose

If you’re a pool lounger then you have the luxury of pure and clean designs, even some twinkles like the dark cupped bikini top in sea sparkle .

But should you like the taste of salt and wave foam, a more resilient bodice and high waist will not leave you nude or disappointed should tiny grains of sand infiltrate such a bond girl combo.

If your summer looks like a bit of both, then an all rounder of something holding you firmly with a bold bright print like this stunning one-piece.

Brands like Topaz Luxe know our needs and believe heavily in style too. Why else would we mention them? Being in possession of a knockout fit swimsuit, can be the decider of booking that poolside resort or not.

So you have ordered your wonderful bikini, now what?

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