Friday, 20 May 2022

“La Barroude” Collection breathes relaxed french style

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You can feel the spirit behind this refreshing capsule collection with its easy going pastels and loose fit designs elevating the natural attitudes and terrain purveying District 93 of France.

Entitled "La Barroude", BLEU M has shared with the wearer all the feelings associated with the unspoilt great french outdoors


"Running a brand and undertaking creative work is like sailing a small boat in the middle of the ocean: in calm as well as hostile water." - Leoma Blanc

Through this new collection, Leoma (creator of BLEU M) shares his feelings about the realisation of a collection but also about the time given to think about his different projects. From his native 93 district, Leoma expressed his moments where he dreams of countryside, nature and fresh air!

Thus, BLEU M shows a collection articulated on the sensation of "taking time". The time of a break as an invitation to escape into a nature far from that of everyday life.

The cuts are short and loose, the colours are soft, the materials are light, fluid and comfortable.

A collection to wear under the sun, to feel good and to fix a moment of pleasure.

Launched in 2020 by Léoma Blanc and Sophie Elmosnino, BLEU M revisits the classic forms of men's fashion: a basic wardrobe sublimated by the idea of reversibility and the freedom of association of materials.

The name "BLEU" is a reference to the Bleu de Travail, the French workers' uniform.

The M stands for the city of Montreuil, the brand's birthplace, where cultures and social classes collide.

Through experimentation, recycling and detour, BLEU M has fun questioning its own world. The integration and the mixture of opposite universes build its identity.

The clothes as well as the collections are developed and conceptualised in their workshops in the 93.

Each collection includes unique pieces made from upcycled clothing and materials.

The garments are designed with an exceptional modelism and shaped according to the tailor know-how.

We absolutely love the colour palette of this collection, and its heavy use of upcycled materials giving a new life to wear again. You can discover the playful collection for homme and femme here.

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