Thursday, 09 June 2022

Not just any hand candy: The handbag by LVCY PEARL

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LVCY PEARL, is currently preparing to bring its handbags to the market by launching a crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo to debut its patented LEGOesque Building Bags® System and first collection of luxe handbags which empower wearers to become the designer with serious couture clout.

Fashionistas can take a virtual catwalk this week on a patented LEGOesque Building Bags® System that can be disassembled and redesigned all over again.

Made up of individual bags that can be mixed, matched, and zipped together to create unique designs in a range of sizes, fashion buyers are offered a unique experience to get truly hands-on in the design process of their newest fashion accessory.

Focused on improving the customer experience of buying luxury goods, LVCY PEARL wants to offer fashion-lovers something different with their new take on the traditional handbag. Not only can stylistas design their ideal bag initially, whenever a different look and/or size is desired, it can be disassembled and redesigned all over again.

The system allows fashion mavens to create their very own handbag in a similar way someone may build a charm bracelet. A handbag can be designed from three or four individual, fully functional bags known as building bags. Each building bag is crafted from premium materials and has its own inimitable style. The bags can be assembled together to create one single handbag, with all compartments seamlessly merging into one to create a larger, custom designed accessory perfect for toting about town.

“ Will Never Have To Worry About Someone Else Having The Same Bag”

Whether a night out calls for a statement clutch, or a busy day at the office demands a roomier tote, each LVCY PEARL bag can be quickly unzipped and easily re-connected into a new configuration on demand to carry life’s essentials with serious panache. Fusing high style and substance, this new era of handbag design is set to be the fashion must-have for any IT girl.

Shina Xifregas, founder of LVCY PEARL says, “It’s always been my dream to create beautiful and functional bags for the modern woman. Not only does giving our customers the power to design their own bags make the whole process of buying designer items fun and exciting, but it also sets us apart from other bag brands. With LVCY PEARL, you will never have to worry about someone else having the same bag as you because you can create your own configuration on demand for utterly unique looks that drip with personality.”

LVCY PEARL is currently crowdfunding via Indiegogo to raise additional capital and bring more designs to market.

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A Little About The Brand And Their Technology

The Building Bags® System was invented by LVCY PEARL’s founder, Shina Xifregas, and it offers fashion enthusiasts a whole new way to acquire personally designed luxury handbags. With the system making it possible for a luxury handbag to be personally designed on a daily basis in accordance with the daily needs and taste of every customer.