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 Monday, 27 June 2022

A wealth of possibilities with DOLA Nigerian Jewellery

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It was a real delight to have sustainable brands join us in London on 18th June at HomeGrown Club to celebrate slow fashion. One jewellery brand dominating the luxury sustainable market is Nigerian born brand DOLA.

Pleased to meet this designer and their beautiful range, it's time to make social introductions with our dear readers.

Modern sustainable jewellery landed into London and they know how to spoil the customer.

One might assume the brand name DOLA is a play on word for “dollar”, but its Nigerian heritage makes for a sweeter explanation and certainly a nicer ring to it.

‘DOLA’ comes from a Yoruba name which, when translated to English, means ‘turned to wealth’ and this is something that reflects the brand as a whole. At DOLA, they firmly believe that luxury fashion revolves around the entire experience of choosing, buying and owning a special piece that will last a lifetime.

DOLA moved to London in 2021, seeking to express its heritage and quality at an international level. The fine jewellery they make is sustainable for more than one reason. Not just creating timeless jewellery made of high-quality materials that stand the test of time but each piece is inspected. The brand has high expectations for their pieces to last a very long time both in quality and in style.

The minimalist design means that the style will not easily go out of fashion. That is the foundation on which DOLA is built.

Another one of our strong pillars of sustainability is slow fashion. We believe in quality over quantity. We aim to create jewellery that will be passed down from generation to generation.
We found their range to be both elegant, alluring and dripping with taste.

DOLA is an independent jewellery brand. DOLA was born in Nigeria and defines Nigerian fashion.

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