Wednesday, 06 July 2022

Simply "ED.01": We Are Spastor's New Limited Collection

Written by William Drouen
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The old revisited makes the new for the everyday. Barcelona-based We are Spastor just launched their newest sustainable and limited-edition capsule collection: ED.01.

We are Spastor's new limited-edition collection, simply titles "ED.01", is a conversation between the past years with timeless pieces visually renewed.

Ed.01: Collection And Creative Process

WAS designers opted for timeless and everyday pieces for their new limited collection; by making it, they reinvented the classic and ordinary basics: shirts, trousers, shoes, coats and scarves. The simplest black shirt and plain pair of black trainers become the canvas where past years' identities communicate and art leaves an indelible mark.

"In what sense?" you may ask. Holes lighten shoes and clothing, while laminated patterns create pleasant games of opaque and shiny surfaces on shirts and trousers.

How? ED.01 has been created via two different creative processes:
- analytical work to create comfortable and sustainable garments;
- research on print developments to build looks from the archives of previous seasons.

The combination of the two allowed We Are Spastor to materialise a collection that "dialogues between past, present and future".

Flowing capes/scarves and wrapped bodies have been reworked from the 2005 and 2006 collections. WAS designers also worked on the interpretation of silhouettes of their tailor-made pieces made back for the S/S 2007 and A/W 2007/08 collections. Behind all the finishing touches to improve the quality of their products, WAS designers recreated silhouettes while developing their artistic patterns to give them more volume.

In this way, iconic elements and signatures of WAS, such as their "holes cuts", are found all across the ED.01 wardrobe and a range of accessories made for this capsule collection.

Artistic And Sustainable Fashion Making

We Are Spastor wants their creations to be atemporal, able to be lived beyond our calendar, yet each piece is made with our modern conscious mindset. WAS garments and accessories are developed locally and socially responsibly; everything is produced from end-of-stock or organic lyocell and cotton from eco-responsible industries. The attention to handcraft and local production is part of WAS' creative process thanks to the collaboration with their long-time haberdashery supplier: a glass factory dating back to 1929 and located in Bavaria.

For WAS designers, opening an imaginary past closet is the door to a visually free today and tomorrow

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