Friday, 05 August 2022

The Rock Hound presents 'HotRocks' Jewellery Collection

Written by Natalia Cassel
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The fusion of ethics and aesthetics of renowned East London-based gemmology and jewellery studio The Rock Hound makes the HotRock collection an ethically solid launch.

Can we replicate the finest beauty of Mother nature? The Rock Hound spread more ethical love with its HotRocks jewellery collection.

Fresh from a show-stopping appearance on the LOVE HERO runway at Kornit Fashion Week in May, The Rock Hound – lauded jewellery house founded by Susi Smither FGA GIA JDT – is pleased to celebrate the HotRocks collection for 2022, to time with the brand landing at Milano Jewellery Week next October.

About The Collection: Hotrocks

HotRocks is the latest jewellery collection for 2022 designed and created by Susi Smither, The Rock Hound. This new line represents the pick of the brand's commitment to ethical jewels with a people-focused intent. HotRocks is a diffusion collection which provides a more accessible entry point for gem lovers and jewellery obsessives by employing technological crafts and recycled resources. The core concept is replicating natural quartz crystals in solid 100% recycled sterling silver. Each quartz crystal has been handpicked as an exquisite example of their trigonal crystal system – imagine a singular crystal wand with horizontal striations running the length of alternate sides, clusters of perfectly formed hexagonal prisms capped by pyramids, or a row of perfectly twinned crystals. From these uniquely crystal structures, a mould is created and then cast in recycled silver to ensure the retention of every subtle original detail and encapsulate the inherent natural beauty of crystallography with precious but eco-sourced metal.

The three Rs see a fourth coming: R for rich, rich jewellery imitates the abundance of Nature but affordably.

About The Designer: Susi Smither, The Rock Hound

Goldsmith and gemmologist, Susi Smither grew up surrounded by her parents' mineral collections but it was at the University where she found her true passion for gems and crystals, right while studying the subject. Following the Scottish Gemmiogical Association on field trips to Sri Lanka and Tanzania, Susi discovered the unfair disparity between the mine and the market. These two destinations changed her life forever and contributed to what The Rock Hound is working for.

Passion, ethics and technology are involved in each piece, where ideas are hand-drawn, rendered in CAD, and 3D-printed in wax to start taking material form. Metals, precious and semi-precious stones are scrupulously
sourced only among companies that share the same social responsibility and commitment as Susi. Multi-awarded for her ethical and sustainable work, Susi is a proud Fairtrade Gold licensee since 2015.

More From The Rock Hound

Together with many eco-fashion brands, The Rock Hound has landed in AGORA, at The Six Senses in Ibiza, a sustainable fashion boutique founded by industry veterans Tiffanie Darke and Daniela Agnelli. This spot is a perfect setting to introduce to The Rock Hound’s designs, from RockStars hoops to pieces from The Rock Hound’s collaboration with Turquoise Mountain in Myanmar.

Later this year, Susi will also arrive in Milan with The Rock Hound, from 20th to 23rd October 2022 on the occasion of the Milano Jewelry Week as part of The Jewellery HUB. There will be pieces from all of The Rock Hound’s collection representing the essence of everything award-winning designer Susi Smither has created since the brand launched in 2015.

Know more about Susi Smither and explore her gem worlds of The Rock Hound online.

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