Monday, 15 August 2022

Are you wearing the right underwear for your shape?

Written by Julia Evans
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Chris Mok

Finding the right underwear isn’t easy. Sometimes, it can feel as if clothing outlets simply don’t cater to your body type. This can be disheartening and leads to many of us choosing to just accept whatever we can find, even if it’s not comfortable or complementary to our shape.

But there’s been a huge shift over the last few years, with more brands than ever understanding the wonderful variety in women’s bodies.

With SKIMS, Kim Kardashian’s hugely successful shapewear clothing brand, catering to women of all sizes, the industry seems to have finally embraced variety and body positivity!

But how are you going to find your perfect pair of underwear in this new world of choices?

Hourglass Body Shapes

While an hourglass figure has become the modern body goal, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easy to find the right underwear to show off those curves and accentuate that beautiful shape.

Due to the voluptuous hips of hourglass shapes, underwear can easily roll up at the back, especially if you don’t have much coverage on your butt. And the long rise of these body types may at first seem like finding underwear will be tricky.

Try to shop around for thongs, hipsters, and underwear with high leg cuts to both accentuate and support your stunning body.

Apple Body Shapes

Apple shapes tend to have flatter backsides and a little bit more of a rounded stomach. But apple shapes can still show a little more crunch with the right kind of underwear!

Try to shun underwear that rests below the navel, such as hipsters, as these won’t support your stomach enough. Instead, opt for high-waisted styles like boyshorts and briefs to offer support and definition to your body.

Rectangle Body Shapes

This body shape tends to have a straight form that goes from top to bottom, with very little definition around the waist. While this usually means you’re able to wear any kind of underwear you please, it can help to go with garments that have a lower rise.

With less coverage around those core areas that other shapes may wish to hide, you can really let loose! However, for rectangles who want more curves, shapewear may help to give you complete confidence.

Pear Body Shapes

Pear bodies need to find underwear that serves several purposes. It needs to help show off your slimmer waist, accentuate your beautiful wide hips, and give those thick thighs a nice warm hug in the process.

Avoid the lure of boy shorts (while they may seem like a good choice, they can be difficult to wear for long periods if you have wider hips) and instead, look for variations of hipster styles to help you accentuate your body and feel supported.

Inverted Triangle Shapes

With narrow hips and a less defined waist, this shape tends to work well with boy shorts, as long as you’re taking the time to shop well and fit a good comfortable fit. While you may feel tempted by full coverage styles of underwear, avoid them at all costs.

While it may seem like the coverage is helping you, it will actually give your butt a flatter shape due to the excess fabric of the garment.

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